New Art Acquisitions
Yaacov Agam
Blue / Violet No. 8
Horst Antes
Ford Beckman
Neon Clown Series
Yaacov Agam Horst Antes Ford Beckman
Lynda Benglis
Dual Nature (Blue)
Judith Bernstein
Big Horizontal
Richard Bosman
Two Monotypes
Lynda Benglis Judith Bernstein Richard Bosman
Fernando Botero
Man Eating
James Brown
Woodcut Series I-V
Grisha Bruskin
Untitled - Kaballah
Fernando Botero James Brown Grisha Bruskin
James Lee Byars
Description of Torino Exhibit
Alexander Calder
Une Rouge et Spirale Noir
Suzanne Caporael
Untitled - Rain
James Lee Byars Alexander Calder Suzanne Caporael
Jon Carsman
Blue Waves
Antoni Clave
En Vert et Rouge
James Coignard
Still Life with Fruits
Jon Carsman Antoni Clave James Coignard
Enzo Cucchi
La Mana
Salvador Dali
Anenome per Anti-Pasti
Michael David
Being Series Prints
Enzo Cucchi Salvador Dali Michael David
Victor Delfin
Adios Pueblo de Ayacucho
Burhan Dogancay
Walls II (154)
Max Ernst
Oiseaux Souterrains
Victor Delfin Burhan Dogancay Max Ernst
Alan Fenton
Pre-Disney Smash
Eric Fischl
Beach Scenes I-IV
Jean-Michel Folon
Alan Fenton Eric Fischl Jean-Michel Folon
Mike Gorman
Decadence in Disneyland
Rollie Guild
Franz Kline at Budokan
Richard Haas
Frick Garden Courtyard
Mike Gorman Rollie Guild Richard Haas
Peter Halley
Untitled for BAM
Stanley Hayter
Barbara Hepworth
Sea Forms
Peter Halley Stanley Hayter Barbara Hepworth
Howard Hodgkin
Interior with Figure
K.B. Hwang
William P. Katz
Howard Hodgkin K.B. Hwang William P Katz
Mel Kendrick
Mark Kostabi
Conversation Pieces
Pearl Lamberg
Nude in Chair
Mel Kendrick Mark Kostabi Pearl Lamberg
Ellen Lanyon
Berto Lardera
Humain Sur-Humain
Pierre Lesieur
Ellen Lanyon Berto Lardera Pierre Lesieur
Roy Lichtenstein
This Must Be The Place
Christopher Makos
Andy Warhol Photographs
Margo Margolis
Roy Lichtenstein Christopher Makos Margo Margolis
Henri Matisse
Peter Max
B - Zero Head V Ver. I No. 1
Joan Miro
Quelques Fleurs pour des Amis
Henri Matisse Peter Max Joan Miro
Lajos Rezes Molnar
Portrait of a Girl
Neil Moore
Unhappy Couple
Peter Nagy
Field of Subsumed Use
Lajos Rezes Molnar Neil Moore Peter Nagy
Ben Nicholson
Olympia Fragment
Gunnar Norman
Enrique Ochoa
San Francisco Sobre Carola
Ben Nicholson Gunnar Norman Enrique Ochoa
Eduardo Paolozzi
The Silken World of Michelangelo
Max Papart
Collage Collection
Archie Rand
Songs of the Death of Children
Eduardo Paolozzi Max Papart Archie Rand
Jean-Paul Riopelle
Untitled I
Andre Revesz
Striding Woman
Richard Roth
Athens, Ohio
Jean-Paul Riopelle Andre Revesz Richard Roth
Georges Rouault
Le Tribun ou Ideal
Susan Shatter
Grand Canyon
Marko Spalatin
Cubefield X
Georges Rouault Susan Shatter Marko Spalatin
Frank Stella
Sidi Ifni
May Stevens
Antoni Tapies
Le Riz
Frank Stella May Stevens Antoni Tapies
Joan Thorne
Victor Vasarely
Yvaral Vasarely
50 Shades of Blue
Joan Thorne Victor Vasarely Yvaral Vasarely
Bernar Venet
Position of Two Major Arcs...
Jacques Villon
Suite Mourlot
Andy Warhol
Siberian Tiger
Bernar Venet Jacques Villon Andy Warhol
Paul Wunderlich
Nude on Zebra Rug
Jose Maria Yturralde
Cube within Cube
Jacques Zimmermann
Painting Collection
Paul Wunderlich Jose Maria Yturralde Jacques Zimmermann
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