New Art Acquisitions
Yaacov Agam
Fond Marin
Roy Ahlgren
Print Collection
Eduardo Arranz-Bravo
Loverhead IV
Yaacov Agam Roy Ahlgren Eduardo Arranz-Bravo
John James Audibon
Bird Print Collection
Gi Bahk
St. Tropez
Lance Balderson
John James Audubon Gi Bahk Lance Balderson
Will Barnet
Ed Baynard
Green Vase
Janez Bernik
No. 9
Will Barnet Ed Baynard Janez Bernik
Miguel Berrocal
Mini Portrait de Michele
Jack Bilander
The Bench
Eugene Boudin
Woman with Parasol on Beach
Migurl Berrocal Jack Bilander Eugene Boudin
Sakti Burman
Two Mothers and Children
Ruperto Cabrera
Painting Collection
Ozgur Cakir
The Seagulls of Istanbul
Sakti Burman Ruperto Cabrera Ozgur Cakir
Alexander Calder
Une Rouge et Spirale Noir
Bernard Cathelin
Three Japanese Ladies
Debranne Cingari
Assemblages & Photos
Alexander Calder Bernard Cathelin Debranne Cingari
Salvador Dali
Thou art all faire...
Edgar Degas (after)
Horse with Head Lowered
Easy, Joz and Josh 5
NYC Subway Map
Salvador Dali Edgar Degas Easy Joz and Josh 5 NYC Subway Map
Max Epstein
Mosport Park
M.C. Escher
Concentric Fish
Avi Farin
Four Paintings
Max Epstein M.C. Escher Avi Farin
Lou Fink
Four Paintings
Tsuguharo Foujita
Femme au Chale Rouge
Gunter Fruhtrunk
Untitled 2
Lou Fink Foujita Gunter Fruhtrunk
Red Grooms
Saskia Down the Metro
Cleo Hartwig
Douglas Hofmann
Ballerinas on Staircase
Red Grooms Cleo Hartwig Douglas Hofmann
Alvin Carl Hollingsworth
Gordon House
Still Life at Millbank
Harry H. Howe
Wharf - Gloucester, Mass.
Alvin Carl Hollingsworth Gordon House Harry Howe
Elwood Howell
Nereides Series
Kyohei Inukai
Three Bathers
Robert Indiana
Star of Hope
Elwood Howell Kyohei Inukai - Earle Goodenow Robert Indiana
Jim Jacobs
Study for Decatur II
Karen James
Blue and Tan Squares
David Johns
Abstract Portrait
Jim Jacobs Karen James David Johns
Ken Keeley
What's Your Pleasure?
Nicholas Krushenick
Moisey Kogan
Orthodox Church (Blue Domes)
Ken Keeley Nicholas Krushenick Moisey Kogan
Russell Lee
Day Laborer
Roy Lichtenstein
This Must Be The Place
John 'Crash' Matos
The Penguin from Batman
Russell Lee Roy Lichtenstein Crash Painting
Roberto Matta
Cherche Eve
Peter Max
Zero (Blue Pink)
Gary McElrath
Sleeping Swan
Roberto Matta Peter Max Gary McElrath
LeRoy Neiman
Scuba Femlin Girls
Leonardo Nierman
Still Life with Clock
Rafal Olbinski
The Shape of the Intimate Illusion
LeRoy Neiman Leonardo Nierman Rafal Olbinski
Victor Pasmore
Points of Contact No. 38
Jean Picart le Doux
Print Collection
Antoine Poncet
Victor Pasmore Jean Picart le Doux Antoine Poncet
Laurent Marcel Salinas
Print Collection
Julian Schnabel
Happier You Are...
Georges Schreiber
L. Marcel Salinas Julian Schnabel Georges Schreiber
Ken Shearer
Untitled - Tombstone
Jonathan Singer
Flowers from Metallic Sets
David Alfaro Siqueiros
Ken Shearer Jonathan Singer David Alfaro Siqueiros
Rupert Jasen Smith
Nikon Camera
Hattakitkosol Somchai
Raphael Soyer
The Gentleman from Cracow
Rupert Jasen Smith Raphael Soyer The Gentleman from Cracow Raphael Soyer
William Tolliver
Woman with Hoe
Ernest Trova
Study/Falling Man (Double Flapman)
Kees van Dongen
Jean-Marie une Fleur à la Bouche
William Toliver Ernest Trova Kees van Dongen
Sophia Vari
Gree's Head
Victor Vasarely
Jose Antonio Velasquez
Four Paintings
Sophia Vari Victor Vasarely Jose Antonio Velasquez
Andy Warhol
Kachina Dolls
Reginald Wilson
Cat and Birds
Lonny Wood (Phase 2)
Tag with Crown
Andy Warhol Reginald Wilson Lonny Wood - Phase 2 Painting
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