RoGallery Acquistions

Petre Achitenie
Sans Titre
Roy Ahlgren
Print Collection
Ditti Almog

Petre Achitenie Roy Ahlgren Ditti Almog
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Sequential Portfolio
David Azuz
The Plaza Hotel
Will Barnet
Woman with Cats

Richard Anuszkiewicz David Azuz Will Barnet
Romare Bearden
Bridgetown, Barbados
Ross Bleckner
Gleb Bogomolov
Romare Bearden Ross Bleckner Gleb Bogomolov
Konstantin Bokov
Cat is Very Smart
Ilya Bolotowsky
No. 2 from Portfolio II
Andre Brasilier
Konstantin Bokov Ilya Bolotowsky Andre Brasilier
Frederick J. Brown
Six Jazz Prints
Bernard Buffet
The Trapeze Artists
Roberto Burle Marx
Print Collection
Frederick J. Brown Bernard Buffet Roberto Burle Marx
Sergio Bustamante
Alexander Calder
Alphabet et Saucisson
James Carter
Still Life with American Flag
Sergio Bustamante Alexander Calder James Carter
Pierre Catton
Le Deux Oranges
Paul Cezanne (after by Villon)
Les Joueurs des Cartes
Sandro Chia
Thinking Man
Pierre Catton Paul Cezanne Jacques Villon Sandro Chia
Package on a Hunt
Lucien Clergue
Three Nudes in Geantes...
Charles Cobelle
Sacre Couer
Christo Lucien Clergue Charles Cobelle
Salvador Dali
Time Portfolio
Alfonsas Dargis
Three Islands
Jim Dine
Calla Lilies Verona I-III
Salvador Dali Alfonsas Dargis Jim Dine
Gabriela Patulea Dragut
Marea Ofranda
A. Lester Gaba
Painting Collection
Red Grooms
Los Aficionados
Gabriela Patulea Dragut A. Lester Gaba Red Grooms
Farid Haddad
Painting Collection
Stephen Hall
Four Paintings
Gino Hollander
Four Faces
Farid Haddad Stephen Hall Gino Hollander
Peter Julian
Ram's Horn
Richard Karwoski
Peaches and Pears
Rockwell Kent
Eskimo Mother & Child
Peter Julian Richard Karwoski Rockwell Kent
Bety Kohlberg
No. 42
Andre Lanskoy
Cortege Portfolio
Charles Keeling Lassiter
Sans Titre
Bety Kohlberg Andre Lanskoy Charles Keeling Lassiter
Jacob Lawrence
Community (Study for Mural)
Charles Levier
Reclining Woman and Flowers
Roy Lichtenstein
Girl with Hair Ribbon
Jacob Lawrence Charles Levier Roy Lichtenstein
Conrad Marca-Relli
Untitled #6
Roberto Matta
The New Success Suite
Joan Miro
Conrad Marca-Relli Roberto Matta Joan Miro
Zwy Milshtein
Barbara et Les Punks
Gregoire Muller
Alice Neel
Portrait of Edward Avedesian
Zwy Milshtein Gregoire Muller Alice Neel
LeRoy Neiman
Big Five
Lennart Nystrom
Untitled (Triptych)
Claes Oldenburg
Striding Figure
LeRoy Neiman Lennart Nystrom Claes Oldenburg
Victor Pasmore
Points of Contact #14
Pablo Picasso
Clayton Pond
Capital Ideas Portfolio
Victor Pasmore Pablo Picasso Clayton Pond
Desmond Rayner
X Space
Mel Ramos
Robert Rauschenberg
Features from Currents, #74
Desmond Rayner Mel Ramos Robert Rauschenberg

Lionel Reiss
Jerusalem - Mea Sherim

David Roth
Painting VI
Tito Salomoni
The New Show
Lionel Reiss David Roth Tito Salomoni
Lucas Samaras
Ben Shahn
Two Drawings
Rufino Tamayo
Luna y Sol
Lucas Samaras Ben Shahn Rufino Tamayo
Joe Tilson
Senza Titolo
Walasse Ting
Six Geishas
Ernest Trova
Untitled (1970)
Joe Tilson Walasse Ting Ernest Trova
Victor Vasarely
Untitled from Permutations
Philippe Visson
Sans Titre
Charles Blaze Vukovich
Artwork Collection
Victor Vasarely Philippe Visson Charles Blaze Vukovich
Andy Warhol
Bald Eagle (FS II.296)
Tom Wesselmann
Jeannie's Backyard, East Hampton
Larry Zox
Scissors Jack 1 & 2
Andy Warhol Tom Wesselmann Larry Zox
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