New Art Acquisitions
Roy Ahlgren
Print Collection
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Soft Satellite Red
Eduardo Arranz-Bravo
Goethe III
Roy Ahlgren Richard Anuszkiewicz Eduardo Arranz-Bravo
Tore Asplund
Elevated Train
Jean Baier
Untitled (Wall Sculpture)
Leonard Baskin
Print Collection
Tore Asplund Jean Baier Leonard Baskin
Hans Bellmer
Paysage 1800
Anthony Benjamin
Borderline Images
Miguel Berrocal
Torso Verona (Gold)
Hans Bellmer Anthony Benjamin Miguel Berrocal
Konstantin Bokov
US Flag with Bill & Hillary Clinton
Kitty Brandfield
Children in Street
Rene Brochard
Le Trompette
Konstantin Bokov Kitty Brandfield Rene Brochard
Alexander Calder
Red and Blue Swirl
Chris Caccamise
Effect People - Affect People
Marc Chagall
David and Bathsheba
Alexander Calder Chris Caccamise Marc Chagall
Mihail Chemiakin
Carnival of St. Petersburg Suite
Seymour Chwast
Head Out To Oz
Peter Coffin
Untitled - Orgy
Mihail Chemiakin Seymour Chwast Peter Coffin
Richard Crist
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Induction Chromatique
George Constant
Two Nude Paintings
Richard Crist Carlos Cruz-Diez George Constant
L'Arbre Extatique
Jose Luis Cuevas
El Comedor
Salvador Dali
Carmen (70-1-O)
Corneille Jose Luis Cuevas Salvador Dali
Jan De Ruth
Standing Nude
Fernando de Szyszlo
Camino de Mendieta
Lois Dodd
Cubist Figures
Jan De Ruth Fernando de Szyszlo Lois Dodd
Cesar Domela
Ruth Eckstein
Print Collection
M.C. Escher
Bond of Union
Cesar Domela Ruth Eckstein M.C. Escher
Numbers Portfolio
Sergio Fergola
A Young Women in the Landscape
Piero Fornasetti
Tema e Variazioni
Erte Sergio Fergola Piero Fornasetti
Erik Freyman
Two Paintings
Darrell Fusaro
Drawings from Grown Ups
William Gropper
The Capriccios Portfolio
Erik Freyman Darrell Fusaro William Gropper
Claudio Heredia
Untitled - Village
Miguel Herrera
Portrait of Samuel Beckett
Haavard Homstvedt
Room Divider
Claudio Heredia Miguel Herrera Haavard Homstvedt
Giancarlo Impiglia
Butler with Tray and Still Life
Lester Johnson
Cat Walk
David Klein
Travel Poster Collection
Giancarlo Impiglia Lester Johnson David Klein
Marie Laurencin
Two Books
John Lennon
Wendy MacGaw
Miasma I
Marie Laurencin John Lennon Wendy MacGaw
Alisa Margolis
Battle: The Second One
Roberto Matta
Drawing Collection
Andrei Medvedev
Two Paintings
Alisa Margolis Roberto Matta Andrei Medvedev
Susan Pear Meisel
Rockefeller Christmas Skate
Robert Melee
Another Unrendered Quasi...
Armando Morales
Paysage avec Chien
Susan Pear Meisel Robert Melee Armando Morales
Motoi Oi
Ira Ono
Antonio Otazzo
Campina Autentico
Motoi Oi Ira Ono Antonio Otazzo
George Rada
Painting Collection
Mel Ramos
Miss Spudnut
William George Reindel
Winter Landscape
George Rada Mel Ramos William George Reindel
Stephen Rhodes
Ruined Ruskin Lamp of Lump
Larry Rivers
For Adults Only
Amanda Romanick
Stephen Rhodes Larry Rivers Amanda Romanick
Anna Schachte
Hirshhorn with Stripes
Kenny Scharf
Clock Radio
Joseph Scorselo
Three Speed
Anna Schachte Kenny Scharf Joseph Scorselo
Joseph Somers
3-D Painting Collection
Mihail Sorin
Three Paintings
Thaddeus Strode
Joseph Somers Mihail Sorin Thaddeus Strode
Endre Szasz
The Sorcerer
Walasse Ting
Untitled - White Snake
Jacques Villon
Pere Duchamp
Endre Szasz Walasse Ting Jacques Villon
Jennifer Jill Ward
Traveling Circus - Brittany, France
Andy Warhol
Martha Graham: Lamentation
Richard Whorf
The First Sign of Spring
Jennifer Ward Andy Warhol Richard Whorf
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