Marcel Mouly, French (1918 - 2008)

Marcel Mouly

  Marcel Mouly, born in Paris in 1918, is heavily influenced by the work of Picasso, Matisse, and Braque. He studied painting at the French Academies and later became the protogé of the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, from whom he learned about Cubism. Although he had an interest in drawing as a youth, he did not intend to pursue a career in art. In 1942 fate took a hand in things. During World War II, he was mistaken for a spy by the German's and imprisioned. During his one year confinement in a concentration camp, he made his decision to secure his creative freedom forever through a career in art.

In 1943 he had first showing of two paintings at the Salon d'Automne in Paris. From there his professional career took shape, influenced by such greats as Matisse and Picasso. At 78 years of age Mouly has achieved monumental acclaim, with works in over 22 museums around the world. One will find in his work a blend of vibrant colors and images that startle the imagination.

He won the Chevalier de l'Order des Artes et Letteres in 1957, and the Premier Prix de Lithographie in 1973. Mouly has exhibited all over the world and he currently has paintings hanging in the Musee Nationale d' Art Moderne, Paris, the Musée de Geneve and the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. Mouly is represented in the United States by Phillips Galleries, Palm Beach, Florida. 

Marcel Mouly's work has been exhibited all over the world, including in the permanent collections of more than 20 museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Japan, the Museum of Geneva, the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, and Paris' Bibliotheque Nationale. He has also been the subject of numerous books, and recognized by such honors as the Chevalier de L'Orde des Arts et Lettres (1957) and the Premier Prix de Lithographie (1973).

Though Marcel Mouly died on January 7, 2008, weeks shy of his 90th birthday, his art and his legacy live on. "His art is pure and direct in its message," art historian and writer Joseph Jacobs said, "it is an art about beauty and life, an art roots firmly planted in the School of Paris, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Roault, Vlaminck, Chagall, Vuillard and Dufy are his patrimony, and he has carried their mantel with unflagging dedication." At his death in 2008, he was the last living protégé of Picasso.


  • 1990 - Atelier Gourdon, Palm Springs
  • 1996 - Musee de Changhai, China
  • 1997 - Kwai Fung Hip Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 1997 - Park West Gallery, Michigan
  • 1997 - Le Domaine Perdu Galerie Meyral Perigerd with his son Pierre, a sculpto
  • 1998 - Philipps Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
  • 1999 - Opera Gallery, Paris
  • 1999 - University Museum, Carbondale, Illinois with Pierre Mouly
  • 1999 - Galerie Nolan Ranking, Houston, Texas with Pierre Mouly
  • 2000 - Galerie du Chateau, Noirmoutier, France
  • 2000 - Park West Gallery, Michigan

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