Helmut Ackermann, German (1936 - )

Helmut Ackermann

Helmut Ackermann was born on 9th July 1936 in the Upper Swabian Memmingen. He studied from 1956 to 1963 at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich with Richard Seewald and Hermann Kaspar. He received the cultural award of his birthplace in 1979. He undertook trips to Andalusia, Italy, France, Greece. As an illustrator, Ackermann started working in world literary works from 1964 on, for example, from Grimmelshausen, Hesse, Kafka and Wilder to publishers all over the world. Its style is traditional and influenced by Seewald. He has a variable conception with partly expressionist tendencies.

Ackermann was an associate of bibliophile magazines, which he illustrated artistically. Calendar graphics and mappings, especially for the Visel publishing house and Universe Books New York as well as drawings, graphics and paintings belong to his other works, with landscape and city motifs from the Niederrhein particularly prominent.

The works of Ackermann are in various forms in the public space, especially in his home town Memmingen. Below is a fountain on the Schmiedplatz and the equestrian statue Welf VI. In the Fuggergarten. Etchings have been published by Visel Verlag and Holzschnitte in New York. He also published several books with graphics.

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