Alex Alemany, Spanish (1943 - )

Alex Alemany was born on 5th. January 1943 in Gandia (Valencia).

He studied Fine Arts between 1961 and 1966 at the “Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Carlos” in Valencia.

Francisco Lozano, Enrique Ginesta, Genaro Lahuerta and Felipe Mª Garin, among others, were his teachers.

From 1965 till 1970 he studied in several European cities: Paris, where he stayed for a period of eleven months; London, in the National Portrait Gallery; and others.

During these years of youth he embraced several avant-garde trends, plunging into the general stream until he found a style of his own, increasingly more consistent with his sensitive poetic touch.

In 1970 he painted the first works which reverted to realism, intuitively and successfully perceiving the movement embraced and followed by other international artists, known as “hyper-realism”.

Alex Alemany’s realism (and in some of his work, his hyper-realism) kept drifting towards an unmistakable style of his own resulting from personal introspection, gradually becoming more and more distant from the coldness of other realist concepts.

Alemany’s work is the missing link between poetry and painting.

Exploring his own sensations, feelings and concepts, he conveys them with the credibility of his precious technique, enabling us to participate in the climate of his painting, and to identify with the things which he wants to tell us through his work.

Denoting deep poetic content, the elements and shapes of his works are treated with “poetic licence” and the symbolism used is so subtle that it captures the viewer, stimulating his capacity to interpret.

This is work which can produce any effect, except indifference, and the language used contributes to a richer interpretation.

Through his work, we can find many portraits, showing us his love for the human figure, but even in this difficult way of painting, Alex Alemany has been able to include the poetry of his work, giving the portrait not only the physical aspect of the person but also the personality and the psychological profile, far from the “academic portrait”.
Alex Alemany’s first exhibition was in Gandia, his home town, in 1962, but it was not till 1972 in Alcoy (Alicante) when he started to exhibit regularly.

Among his portrait gallery, we can find Their Majesties, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia, the King and Queen of Spain, and also H.R.H Felipe, Prince of Spain as well as other authorities.

Alex Alemany’s complete work belongs to private collectors, public institutions and museums. He has never participated in any contest or applied for painting prizes.

From 1993 till 2004 Alex Alemany was the president of the “The Fine Art Circle” and he was selected as a member of the “Real Academia de Cultura Valenciana” in October 1998

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