Bill Alexander, Prussian/American (1915 - 1997)

William Alexander was born in 1915 in East Prussia.  

Today, Bill continues to paint and teach the Alexander Wet-on-Wet Technique on his television series The Art of William Alexander shown nationwide on PBS.  Bill's passion to capture beauty and transfer it to canvas is kept alive by our Alexander Art Instructors continuing to carry out Bill's dream of teaching the world to paint... with a smile.   

Bill Alexander loved to paint! He knew early on that there had to be a way to capture an image on canvas before his passion for the image dimmed. He couldn't wait the necessary drying time with traditional oil painting methods and still keep his enthusiasm for the outcome. Hence, the reason for Bill's Wet-On-Wet Technique.

Applying Oil color to a wet canvas is not a new idea. For centuries, talented artist have used the Wet-On-Wet Technique to express their individual style. Claude Monet was one of the better-known artists who painted using the Wet-On-Wet method. In our lifetime, the founder of Alexander Art, William Alexander, developed the products and popularized this method to make it possible for anyone to successfully paint, what is now called, the Alexander Wet-On-Wet Technique.

Traditional methods of oil painting require high level know-how and often take weeks of layering color on a canvas to produce a single painting. The Alexander Wet-On-Wet Technique simplifies oil painting so you can finish a painting in a single day! How? By applying our slow drying base medium "Magic White" to your canvas, you can mix and layer other colors right on the canvas without waiting for layers of paint to dry. The extra thick Alexander oil colors are applied with Alexander brushes and palette knives that are designed to give you a rewarding painting experience. You are the creator, and with the Alexander products and support, you can "fire-in" just as Bill Alexander did. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, the Alexander Wet-on-Wet Technique will keep you challenged and bring you success at any level!!

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