Valerio Alo, Italian (1936 - )

 On February 10th 1936, Valerio Alo an Italian painter was born in a tiny fishing village located on the coastline of Calabria a primitive and haunting region situated at the toe of the Italian boot.

Shortly after reaching his sixteenth birthday, he followed in the footsteps and ageless tradition of Italian artists and made his way to the city of Florence.

The atmosphere of the Tuscan city influenced and helped to shape and refine his natural artistic skill. But the impact of the sea and the lonely shore caressed by the ancient waters, remained indelibly impressed within the recesses of his soul.

Like his native land which had abjured the Sybarite sophistication of its early history, to return to the primordial he too felt the need to renounce the trappings of a complex world segmented by time and conditioned by the ephemeral whims of progress.

Thus to really understand Alo is to return to one's origin. It is to see the profound in the simplicity of the elements. It is to reflect on recollections of quiet moments of youth when one was free to sit idly by the sibilant tide and playfully indulge in make believe dreams. It is to gaze upon the vast expanse of a cloudless sky, merging with a peaceful sea, unmarked by meaningless horizons or irrelevant details. It is a world of impressions of suggestions, of lyrical sensitivity and delicate sublety.

In short, it is his inner self revellion against the false reality of contemporary turbulence. Frequently, when Alo feels overwhelmed by the prevailing violence and exacerbation of events, he seeks solace and finds refuge in the peaceful memories of his early youth, when he restfully relaxed upon the quietly soft beaches. And as the maestro deftly guides his paint brush and or his skilful pallette knife across the beckoning white canvas, his reverie quickly comes to life, and his finished seascape bursts with a pulsating spontaneity that breathes the vibrance of intimate understanding, while yet bemoaning the irretrievable loss of innocence.

Alo is verily a contemporary impressionist. His world is distorted by romantinc memory and twisted by an obsession for color and light. His vision extends beyond the artifacts of modern civilization, striking communion with the primeval and the untouched.

His art addresses itself and strives to reach for the primitive within each of us. It speaks to modern man's longing for the tranquil and the uncomplicated, demanding the personal involvement of the beholder. To truly discern and perceive the magical fantasy of Alo is to embrace and escape with him to the shores of the Mediterranean, there to share his boyhood dreams among the deep iridescent blues.
- Paul Parisi

One Man Shows
1964 - Art Gallery Ponte Vecchio - Florence, Italy
1965 - Michelangelo Art Gallery - Venice, Italy
1965 - Galleria dell'arte Fiorenza - Montecatini, Italy
1965 - Academia Degli Sbalzati: San Sepolcro - Arezzo, Italy
1966 - Robinson Gallery - Naples, Florida
1967 - Mediterranean Festival - New York City, New York
1967 - Le Grande Tour - Los Angeles, California
1967 - Robinson Gallery - Naples, Florida
1969 - Robinson Gallery - Naples, Florida

Group Shows
1963 - International Art Exhibition: "Art Europa" - Venice, Italy
1963 - National Art Exhibition, Modigliani - Livorno, Italy
1963 - National Art Exhibition - Viareggio, Italy
1964 - Art Show of the City of Massa Carrara, Italy
1964 - Art Exhibition "del Ponte Vecchio" - Florence, Italy
1964 - National Art Exhibition of Loro Ciuffenna - Arezzo, Italy
1965 - International Art Exhibition - Pescara, Italy
1965 - National Art Exhibiton of Black & White - Naples, Italy
1965 - National Art Exhibition - Paola, Italy
1965 - National Art Exhibition - Prato, Italy
1965 - National Art Exhibition of Arts & Sports - Florence, Italy
1966 - National Art Exhibition - Naples, Italy
1966 - National Art Exhibition - Venice, Italy
1969 - North Truro Art Gallery - Cap Cod, Massachusetts
1969 - Loring Galleries - Greenwich, Connecticut
1970 - Avnet-Hechtlinger GAlleries, Ltd. - Great Neck, New York

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