Isidro Antequera, Spanish (1926 - )

His father, a professional photographer and painter, died when he had not attained the age of two. It starts very soon to develop a taste for painting and drawing encouraged by his teacher at school. Then he combines his great love with learning various trades to succeed.

The first exhibitions of Isidro Antequera's artworks were in his hometown in 1945 and 1946. The poet John Warden manchego encouraged to continue and compete in the Exhibition of Fine Arts Valdepenas contest that will coincide on many occasions. The pastor Criptana Field, Don Gregorio Bermejo, commissioned him to cut his first mural creative and encourages you to continue with her training in Madrid. Travel to the capital and began working in the studios' films Seville "and" Cifesa "hand of the designer Enrique Alarcon.

Simultaneously attending classes in the painter Henry Bráñez School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid. Another great painter, José Frau, directs him for some time in their learning. Then attend classes Carlos Sainz de Tejada in The College of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

His first exhibition in Madrid is made in the Board Marabini and is presented by writer and art critic Lee Meadows. The Institute of Manchego is sponsoring its second exhibition in Ciudad Real.

For a while he lives and runs through Extremadura, marking its landscape an imprint that makes developing a side that had not taken before. He settled permanently in Madrid where he met the teacher Daniel Vázquez Díaz and Manchego Gregorio Prieto painter with whom he maintains a good relationship. National Exhibitions try several, getting some awards as the first National Medal of Linares in 1955. Exhibition at Madrid in The National Library under the call for exhibition "Artists of Ciudad Real" by initiating a periodicity in numerous exhibitions in Madrid and Spanish cities. Married in 1954 with the Criptanense Juliana Galindo, with whom he has three children and his subsequent career mark.

At this stage many portraits done all kinds of personalities. Along with friend and painter Antonio Carpe Murcia, make numerous murals and mosaics for churches in southern New Iberia. Between 1960 and 1963 made the great altar cloths for the New Parish Criptana Field.

From 1964 a new stage painting almost exclusively to American Gallery "Firenze". This period is characterized by change in both the issues and in the processing and style. It could be called an Impressionist painting with large patches of spatula, with intense color and entertainment items, cockfights. circus and musical themes.

In 1966 he received a scholarship from the Fundación Juan March and does stay and journey through Italy and France for several months. Back in camp Criptana founded and directs, along with several "crazy" poets, artists and scholars, the Journal MILESTONE, seeking cultural roots and poetics of La Mancha.

Back to work in the film world in 1969 for U.S. producers "Center Films. Then run several pictures for the Barcelona Wax Museum, highlighting the allegorical themes of the stairs and a front.

In 1973, he proposes the creation of the first Municipal School of Drawing and Painting of La Mancha, assuming the execution and direction of this post until 1996. From that moment he creates an artistic and cultural hitherto unknown.

He was director of the Art Course at the Cultural Foundation Almagro in Castilla-La Mancha in 1982 and 1984.

He has made more than 50 solo exhibitions in various Spanish cities, her last being Retrospective Exhibition in 2006 in Campo de Criptana. His work appears in many public collections.

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