Ib Antoni, Danish (1929 - 1973)

Ib Antoni

Ib Antoni was both as an artist and person very special.

Ib Antoni was born April 23rd 1929 in Esbjerg, Denmark. He was trained at Buchtrups Klichéfrabrik and Danish Commercial Agency Harlang & Toksvig, and has ever since designed all over the world. In order to complete his education he went to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and America.

As a poster artist, Ib Antoni was loved and known not only in Denmark, but also in large parts of countries abroad. His Ballet Girl, The Royal Guards, The Greenlander, The Chef and The Clown posters have delighted and amused countless people around the world. He had a knack for pulling out the appealing of the subject of his drawing, without superior irony, but with charm and humanity. Ib Antoni made well over 300 posters in his 20-year career.

Ib Antoni was hired by well over 100 companies and organizations in Denmark and abroad. To name a few; Auto Salon (Belgium), Carlsberg, Cherry Heering (Sweden), Circus Schumann, Cote D'or (Belgium), Columbia Coffee, Danish Fashion Week, Danish Industry, Danish Agriculture, Danish Furniture Manufacturers Association, The Dutch Dairy Association (The Netherlands), DFDS Seaways, Dunlop (England), Esbjerg Fisheries and Maritime Museum Port of Esbjerg, Esso, FDB (United Danish Consumer Cooperatives ), Franco Suisse, International Industries Fair Brussels (Belgium), Jaffa Oranges, Copenhagen Tourist Association (Wonderful Copenhagen), La Métropole (Belgium), Lundbeck Medicine, Macy's, Neiman-Marcus (USA), Shell England/The Netherlands, Time Life Magazine (USA), Tuborg, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Unicef, Victor Borge, Volvo (Sweden).

Ib Antoni was only 44 years old, when he sadly died in the Hotel Hafnia fire in the heart of his beloved city, Copenhagen. It was September 1st 1973. 35 people died in the tragic fire caused by a pyromaniac. Beside designing carpets, textiles, wall-decor, silver wear, porcelain, making films, TV-spots, books, lamps, Ib Antoni created some 300 posters during his 20 year career as poster artist and designer. Yet again, his wonderful drawings are getting new attention with the new series of high quality reproductions made in cooperation between Anton Antoni (nephew to Ib Antoni) and Copenhagen Gallery Mikael Hauberg.

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