Michael Argov, Austrian/Israeli (1920 - 1982)

Michael Argov

Michael Argov, born as Michael Zinger, in 1920, Vienna, to a family of Zionist marchants, who moved to Berlin in 1929. On 1933 the family imigranted to Palestine and sattled in Haifa. On 1942, As his interest in art grows, he studied in Avni Studio, the major art center in Tel Aviv, where he meets Yehezkel Streichman who was to have a significant influence on Argovs' work. 1945- Argov leaves the Avni Studio and moves to the Streichman art studio - where he helps with administration and spends most of his time painting out of the studio. On 1947 Argov presents hid one-man show receiving enthusiastic reviews.

One of his works was acquired by the Tel-Aviv Museum. On that same year he leaves for Paris and studies at the Ecole des beaux-arts, specialising in fresco painting. 1948s' independance war in Israel, drows him back to serving as an intelligenc officer in the Navy.In september, as he was released from military service, he returns back to Paris to complete his studies. While staying in Paris he became very much involved with the Artistic scene and on 1951 he holds a one-man exhibition evokes possitive reactions. 1952- receives first prize of paintings from Deauville in the composition category. A year later he presents his second one-man exhibition, again, highly praised. in that same year he participated in an Israeli artists exhibition in Paris and wins the 2nd prize. 1955 wins the Othon Friesz Prize. from than onwards, he participated in many other group exhibitions, and one-man exhibitions, spending most of his time in Paris and in Israel. argove was drawn at first to a decorative and flattened synthesis of Matisse and Buffet, but, later, in time, he had immersed himself in material-lyrical abstract full light , later switching to shape formats of geometric abstract employing novel materials. From 1977, he served as chairman of the national committee of the Artists Association in Tel Aviv, and within this framework, he tried to alter the public status of the association. Argov died in 1982 after a heart operation.

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