Anna Maria Bartolini, Italian (1934 - 2013)

Giuseppe Bartolini

Anna Maria Bartolini was born and lived in Florence, a city where she has represented one of the most significant pictorial voices in the local artistic arena and beyond. Along with her work as a painter, she has also been a teacher and holder of the Chair of Paintings at the Artistic High School in Florence; she also held annual Drawing and Engraving Courses at the American University "Sara Laurence in Florence".

He has exhibited in group and group exhibitions in Copenhagen, Tokyo, Rome, Florence, Paris, Vienna, New York etc ... and in various personalities mainly in his city. In 1966 she exhibited at the Galleria Lo Sprone in 1968 at the Santa Croce Gallery, in 1969 at Campo Marte Gallery, in 1970, 1971, 1974 at Palazzo Vecchio Gallery in Florence, in 1975 at the Galleria La scacchiera in Padua, in 1978 at the Pananti Gallery And at Galleria Le Colonnine in Florence in 1983 at the 9th Brescia Gallery. In 1990, at the invitation of the Culture Council of Prato, she exhibited ten years of his work ("Masks for a Decade" - Presentation in the catalog by Marino Biondi). In 1994 she exhibited at Palazzo Vecchio 2 in Florence, in 1996 at the Punto di Modena Gallery, in 1998 at the Italian Cafe in Florence, in 2002 at the Gallery The Correggio scepter (Reggio Emilia) in 2003 was invited by the Institute Cairo Culture Italian to exhibit her recent works in a personal exhibition at the Institute's halls. In 2006, he published 16 "Pinocchio" crayons in Florence, at the "Libri Libi" Bookstore in Florence, in 2008 at the Academy of Arts and Design of Florence in 2010 at the State Archives of Florence in a great personal exhibition In 2011 at the Municipal Library of Bagno a Ripoli. In 2012, the last exhibition was held at Galleria Pio Fedi in Florence.

Many of her works have been published on newspapers and cultural magazines. As for her publications in 1977 she presented a numbered edition lithograph, Chinese Proverbs, with the introduction of Wanda Lattes. In 1986, for the edition "In club", In sleepless sleep, two bottlenecks for an unpublished poem by Mario Luzi. In 1983, for Cesati publisher, he published Armada in Rosales, with a read by Mario Luzi. In 1989, Effleurage was born. Original engraving book with the introduction of Mario Graziano Parri edited by Gehenna Press (Leeds USA). In 1992 for the editions "Festina Lente" published They are not happy about their life. Fifteen engravings and a poem by Mario Luzi.

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