Pascal Bastia, French (1908 - 2007)

Pascal Bastia

Pascal Bastia was born in Paris September 11, 1908.

He composed his first operetta in 1927 : My Wife ( Potinière ). The following year, Mr. A pretty reached 150 performances. In 1933, nineteen years holds the poster 300 times ( Daunou theater). Distribution meets Eliane de Creus ( later replaced by Suzy Delair ) and Jean Sablon , surrounded by Lily Mounet Jean Bastia (Pascal's father), Reda Caire and some beginners with Viviane Romance. The work is performed in the provinces, in Amsterdam, Oran ... He is entitled to more than 1500 performances. If the next operetta , The Groom will do, has not remained in the repertoire of our theaters, one of the songs of the work," I draw my bow ", created by René Smith, toured the world thanks to Jean Sablon.

Follow The Star and the Champion (1941), What a great trip! (1942), Perdigal (1949), Priscilla (1949), My Louisiana (1951), Jacks of heart (1953), The French Guards (1962).

Excellent composer Pascal Bastia is also a talented writer who wrote most of the lyrics and librettos of his operettas . Author -songwriter , has been interpreted by the greatest : Jean Sablon, Josephine Baker, Luc Barney ... He is also the author of music and film scripts. He wrote comedy This world is not for angels (1950, Edward VII Theatre). Literature include his columns, news, thoughts, collections of poetry and novels. This "jack of all trades" is also a sculptor and painter of talent.

Pascal Bastia died at Saint -Privat (Dordogne) July 12, 2007.

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