David Brackman, British (1932 - )

Born 1932 in London David Brackman is considered one of the most outstanding marine artists working today. David's love of the Sea started as a result of being evacuated to the East Coast of England during the second world war. It was there as a child that he was drawn to the drama and beauty of the sea. After school and college David turned to marine model-making as a career and this accounts for the high degree of technical accuracy in his work. Although this work was very successful, he won a gold medal at one of the best model exhibitions in London, he was needed by the family business. Again he achieved great success only this time it was as a fashion designer. During this period the call of the sea was always there and at every opportunity he went yachting and sketching.

As soon as family commitments allowed he gave up the fashion business and spent several years sailing his yacht “Panache” around the waters of Britain, Europe and down to around the Mediterranean. His one frustration happened when he and a small crew were casting off at the start of a trans-Atlantic voyage. David cut his hand so badly that he was cast ashore as the last rope was cut off.

These years of practical experience show in the run and state of the seas he paints. Having got the practical experience of yachts and the sea and worked out the wanderlust that is in most of us he that turned to the hard job of making a living from marine art. This was not as difficult as he imagined and on his very first foray into the art world a noted West End Gallery sold his first four paintings on the day they were delivered.

David’s work is in the possession of the Royal Family and some of the finest private collections, museums and boardrooms in the world.

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