New Art Acquisitions
Preston Abernathy
Crystallization of Thoughts
Yaacov Agam
Composition (Diamond Mirror)
Roy Ahlgren
Preston Abernathy Yaacov Agam Roy Ahlgren
Raul Anguiano
Portrait of a Woman
Car Accumulation
Will Barnet
Raul Anguiano Arman Will Barnet
Hans Bellmer
Petit Traite de Morale
Tony Bennett
Couple at Malibu Beach
Dganit Blechner
Hans Bellmer Tony Bennett Dganit Blechner
Pierre Bonnard
La Toilette Assise
Georges Braque
Oiseau en Rouge
Paul Cadmus
Waiting for Rehearsal
Pierre Bonnard Georges Braque Paul Cadmus
Alexander Calder
Spirals (L'Aigle)
Guiseppe Capogrossi
Marc Chagall
Self Portrait with Window
Alexander Calder Guiseppe Capogrossi Marc Chagall
Norris Church Mailer
Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd
Alejandro Coluga
Conejo, Gato, Hombre
Noel Daggett
Sioux War Dance
Norris Church Mailer Noel Daggett
Allan D'Arcangelo
14th New York Film Festival
Joseph DeMartini
Artist and Model
Roger Derieux
Two Paintings
Allan D'Arcangelo Joseph DeMartini Roger Derieux
Richard Diebenkorn
Nick Eggenhofer
The Tonto Kid
Robert Einbeck
Adam Zohan 1 34-a
Richard Diebenkorn Nick Eggenhofer Robert Einbeck
Carole Feuerman
Miniature Quan
Pedro Friedeberg
Colonia Roma
Lee Friedlander
Lake Louise
Carole Feuerman Pedro Friedeberg Lee Friedlander
Emil Ganso
Drawing Collection
Rene Genis
Paysage Marin
Jasha Green
Applied Space IV
Emil Ganso Rene Genis Jasha Green
Red Grooms
Charlie Chaplin
John Hardy
Painting Collection
Charles Hinman
Lavender on Tan
Red Grooms John Hardy Charles Hinman
K.B. Hwang
Tree and Handkerchief
Jean Jansem
Deux Enfants
Paul Jenkins
Phenomena (Pink)
KB Hwang Jean Jansem Paul Jenkins
Shlomo Katz
Wall Carpet Tapestries
Benjamin Kopman
Painting Collection
Fernand Leger
Composition Abstraite
Shlomo Katz Benjamin Kopman Fernand Leger
Richard Lindner
An American Portrait
Robert Mapplethorpe
Poppy & Calla Lily Plates
Peter Max
Moving with Father
Richard Lindner Robert Mapplethorpe Peter Max
Harry McCormick
Woman in Red on Divan
Joan Miro
Barcelona, Plate 12
Hector Najera
Harry McCormick Joan Miro Hector Najera
Alexandra Nechita
Green Tea
Ernst Neizvestny
Leonardo Nierman
Alexandra Nechita Ernst Neizvestny Leonardo Nierman
Luis Nishizawa
Plato con Pez
Froylan Ojeda
Flores Silvestres
Claes Oldenburg
Butt for Gantt
Luis Nishizawa Froylan Ojeda Claes Oldenburg
Mimmo Paladino
Dimitri Petrov
Primary Abstract
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Mel Ramos
AC Annie
Mimmo Paladino Dimitri Petrov Arnaldo Pomodoro Mel Ramos
Jessica Rice
Couple with Bouquet
Donald Roberts
Black Project Line
Ramon Santiago
Winking Woman Portrait
Jessica Rice Donald Roberts Ramon Santiago
Calman Shemi
Robert Silvers
One Dollar Bill
Calman Shemi Robert Silvers
Jeanette Pasin Sloan
Sears Tower
Kiki Smith
Europa, I am the Flesh...
Rupert Jasen Smith
Greta Garbo #4
Jeanette Pasin Sloan Kiki Smith Rupert Jasen Smith
Joseph Solman
Monhegan Cove
Wayne Thiebaud
Walasse Ting
Seven Geishas
Joseph Solman Wayne Thiebaud Walasse Ting
Mark Tobey
Dialogue Among the Ancients
Victor Van Gogh
The Mill of Alphonse Daudet
Nicholas Vasilieff
Still Life with Pear and Flowers
Mark Tobey Vincent Van Gogh Nicholas Vasilieff
Tom Wesselmann
Monica with a Purple Hat
Lisa Yuskavage
Francisco Zuniga
El Umbral
Tom Wesselmann Lisa Yuskavage Francisco Zuniga
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