Max Epstein, Canadian (1932 - 2002)

Max Epstein

Born: January 16, 1932, aboard the S.S. Bremen, in the North Sea

Max Epstein is a Canadian painter, illustrator and printmaker.
The Artist received his training in Canada and France.

During his long and prolific career, the artist has received numerous Canadian and American awards and prizes.

Max has exhibited at several major galleries in both Toronto and New York and his works are in the private collections of various corporations, foundations, at museums, including the WHITNEY Museum of American Art.


1976-77 George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. Diploma in Screen Printing
1973-74 Artists Workshop, Toronto, Canada
1948-50 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Prance
1939-47 Public and High School, Tel Aviv, Israel
1995 Artists Fellowship Foundation, Inc., New York City. '91
1993 Change Foundation, Inc., NYC. '91, '93
1991 Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, NYC
1973 Glenhyrst Arts Council, Branford Ontario. Second Annual Juried Show, Second Prize
1971 Tom Thompson Museum, Owen Sound, Ontario Canada. Special Award Ontario Arts Council awards. '69, '70
1999 ABC Gallery - Lambertville, NJ.
1996 Gallery Stendhal - New York City, NY.
1985 Associated Fine Art Gallery, NYC.
1983 Frank Fedele Fine Art Gallery, NYC. '81, '79
1982 Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
  Falcon Fine Art Gallery, NYC. '70
1980 Studio 4 Graphics Gallery, NYC.
1979 99 Step Studio Gallery, NYC.
  P.K Fine Art Gallery, NYC.
  New York Art Expo, NYC.
1978 Group of One Gallery, Toronto.
1973 567 Gallery, Toronto.
  The Evans Gallery, Toronto.
1972 Gallery Moos, Inc., Montreal.
  Drew Smith Galleries, Toronto.
1971 St. Lawrence Center for the Arts, Toronto.
  Ryback Gallery, Toronto.
  Nightingale Galleries, Toronto.
  Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock, NY.
1970 Studio 4 Graphics Gallery, NYC.
1969 Canadian National Exhibition (Home Show)
  Maple Down Country Club Gallery, Toronto.
  Profile '69, Inn on the Park, Toronto.
  Sobot Gallery, Toronto. '68, '67
1970 Franklin Simons Gallery, NYC.
1996 Gallery Stendhal - New York City, NY
1983 Graphics Reps Gallery, NYC.
  Frank Fedele Gallery, NYC. '82, '79
  Grippi Gallery, NYC. '82
1982 99 Step Studio Gallery, NYC. '80
1981 Studio 4 Gallery, NYC.
1980 Falcon Fine Art Gallery, NYC.
  543 Gallery, NYC.
1979 P. K Fine Art Gallery, NYC.
1977 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. '76, '75
  Gallery M, Toronto. '76, '75
1975 Hollander York Gallery, Toronto.
  Gallery Danielli, Toronto.
1973 Aviva Art Auction, Toronto.
  Gallery Moos, Montreal. '72
  Drew Smith Gallery, Toronto. '72, '71
1972 The Evans Gallery, Toronto. 1972
1971 Tom Thompson Museum, Owen Sound, Ontario.
  Society of Canadian Sculptors, Toronto.
  Ripples Gallery, Toronto.
  Eaton's Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto. '70
1970 Collectors Cabinet Gallery, Toronto. '69
1969 Albert White Gallery, Toronto.
  Glenhyrst Art Council 2d Annual Jurled Show, Brantford, Ontario.
  Kitchner Gallery of Fine Arts
  Galerie Dresdnere, Toronto.
  Sobot Gallery, Toronto. '68
1954 Art Gallery of Toronto (now Art Gallery of Ontario).
1950 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris France.
1948 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris France.
  New York City
  - Falcon Fine Arts
  - Graphic Reps, Inc.
  - Book of file Month Club
  - Whitney Museum of American Art
  - Bristol Place Hotel
  - Mount Sinai Hospital
  - Beth Emeth Synagogue
  - United Artists Records, Toronto
  - Dominion Bank
  - The Bank of Nova Scotia
  - Town Shoe Stores
  - Ontario Medical Association
  - The Permanent Trust Co.
  - Hickling Johnson Labs
  - Canadian lmperial Bank of Commerce
  - Olympia & York Corp., Alliance Building Corp.
  - Cadillac Fairview Corp.
  Painting-oil, acrylics, watercolor
  Drawing-pencil, charcoal, conte crayon
  Sculpture, Plexiglass, stainless steel, iron, copper, bronze

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