Luis Filcer, Mexican (1927 - )

Luis started art studies at seventeen in the San Carlos Academy in Mexico City.

In 1949 he worked in the Taller de Gráfica Popular together with artists like O. Higgins, Mendez and many others.

That same year he won the silver medal in the art contest Circle of Fine Arts.

In 1950 he won the gold medal in the same contest. In 1953 he won the Jose Clemente Orozco medal in the Spring Salon Contest.

He represented Mexico in three biennales in Chile, Japan and England. After this he received a two year scholarship to study in Paris, Rome and Amsterdam.

He participated in a very important travel exhibition which went around the world during fifteen years (jewels of Mexican Art) organized by the Palace of Fine Arts.

In 1988 he showed in the Grand Palais in Paris together with twenty expressionists, well known artists.

In 1990 he had a solo show at the Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City, to celebrate the museums 25th anniversary.

In 1991 he had one of his largest exhibitions in the Museum of Modern Art in Toluca, Mexico, as a homage to Goya.

In 1994 he had a monumental exhibition in the University Art Museum with ten great rooms, each one with another theme.

In 1998 he had a very large exhibition in the Graphic Museum in Mexico City.

That same year they gave him a medal in Maastricht, the Netherlands, where they named him the City's Knight.

The theme of his work is the human experience. The contrast among people, their social differences, ideological and religious.

Styles of life which express the drama of existence in light and shadow.

He looks for truth and justice and through his work he paints the hope for a better future.

He's had over fifty exhibitions in Museums and 300 exhibitions around the world.

Luis says: "I paint when I have something to say!"


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