Paul Rene Gaugin, Norwegian (1911 - 1976)

Paul René Gauguin (born January 27, 1911 in Copenhagen , died in Spain on 14 February 1976 ) was a Norwegian painter and graphic artist , who was central in the direction of Norwegian art that has become known as the Norwegian color woodcuts school . He was particularly known for its fabulous beasts.

Paul René Gauguin moved the family to Provence 1924, later to Rouen , where he took the qualifying examination by the Norwegian Lycée Pierre Corneille 1930. He was fishing on Mallorca and Ibiza , where he learned his woodcuts 1930-35. With Jacob Brinchmann and Leif Borthen he lived in Erling Winsness mud hut in Alcúdia . Although he made ​​his debut at the Autumn Exhibition 1936, he was Dagbladet journalist in Spain 1938 and began his Barcelona that was completed in 1942. After the Second World War was the freedom of the Communist Party , and Gaugin The mask was a protest against NATO in 1949. He was known for an exhibition in 1947 and for the illustrations to Inger Hagerup Strange in 1950.

In the period 1939-45, he created theatrical decorations for Young Trøndelag Theatre , which he later did for the National Theatre 1951. He dramatized the National Theatre in 1954 and decorated with Knut Rumohr the Olympic building Hotel Viking in 1952 as well as the coastal steamer MS "North Star" 1956. But, when he had been in Greece 1955, he began with enamel and iron sculptures , beyond the 60-century with scrap iron.

There was also some translations from French, Gauguin also mastered Russian, Italian, English and Catalan, which used to Pablo Picasso in his pottery . All in all, he was inspired by Max Ernst, Vincent van Gogh and Georges Braque .

Paul René Gauguin was the son of the painter Pola Gauguin and the grandson of the French impressionist Paul Gauguin . He was married the first time in 1934 with the Emmy Paasche Aasen (marriage dissolved), second time in 1941 with actress Bonne Winther-Hjelm Jelstrup (marriage dissolved) and the third time in 1951 with Martha Poulsen. So they moved back to Denmark, but he died in Spain in 1976 while with the painter George Jacobsen . His first solo exhibition was Norwegian by Martha completed in 1981, when 107 objects were shown at the National Museum , where in 2003 there were over 250 of Gauguin's work suspended. That same year, 70 works auctioned by Vera Olson at Gallery Vera of income for hospitals in Iraq .

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