Marshall Goodman, American (1916 - 2003)

Marshall Goodman

Born in Springfield Massachusetts in 1916.

Mr. Goodman graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1940. He went to Mexico to live after being awarded the Alumni Fellowship Prize from Rhode Island School of Design to study abroad. He worked with the Taller Grafico Workshop in Mexico. An artist workshop operated by Paul O’Higgins, Leopoldo Mendez, Zalce and Aguirre.

He produced in less than a year a voluminous collection of roadside sketches, numerous watercolors, temperas and engravings and executed an impressive number of oils. In a broad sense Goodman fell in with what is known as the Mexican school. But his interpretations, unlike those of his outstanding Mexican contemporaries, are not burdened with somber or tragic elements. A sense of good cheer runs through most of his work. His themes are devoid of puerile indignation or facile preachments. The absence of outworn mystification, of affectation or mannerism indicates an imagination, which is deep yet honest and simple. His colors are strongly contrasted in their deep chiaroscuro, through blended with mastery. His compositions are unified, harmonious strikingly beautiful lithographs clearly indicate that he feels and expresses himself as fully in black and white as in the whole range of color.

Over the years he did free-lance illustration for “Pic” Magazine, “This Week” that was connected with the New York Times and New York Herald Tribune in the field of Theatrical caricature.

In 1942 he was commissioned by the U.S. Navel Base in Bermuda to paint the Murals at the Officers Club and was so charmed by the beauty of the islands he remained to paint local color. In the 1960’s he also did murals for various malls around the United States.

For the last ten years of his life Mr. Goodman worked as a Courtroom Illustrator. for high profile trials such as John Gotti, Imelda Marcos (CNN) and the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing with Ramzi Yousef.

Rhode Island School of Design – graduated 1940

Miltary: 5/9/42 through 12/6/45

1941 Solo Exhibition, The Bermuda Art Association’s Galleries – Bermuda – Oil and watercolors.

He also exhibited in Mexico City, Providence Rhode Island and New York.

National Railways of Mexico – 1941 – Marshall Goodman
New York Post – 7/10/98 The Fight of his Life” Don King – Courtroom sketch by Marshall Goodman
The Daily Olympian – 5/17/66 – “Peoples Opening Marks High Spot for Bob Blume” Marshall Goodman painted murals for many People’s Department Stores for three and a half years.

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