Hans Graeder, German (1919 - 1998)

Hans Graeder

Hans Graeder (born July 15, 1919 in Mannheim; † 26 February 1998 in Mannheim) was a painter, graphic artist and sculptor.

Hans Graeder grew up in Mannheim and began in 1943 to study at the Free Academy in Mannheim Carl Trummer, which he continued in 1946 as a fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Hans Gott.

Testimony of Hans graders from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
In 1953 he emigrated to the USA, where he combined studies in several states and Mexico together. was there Henry Miller to his close friends. 1958 Hans Graeder American citizen, but returned in 1964 back to Mannheim. As early as 1965 he had a major exhibition at the Kunsthalle Mannheim.

In 1973 he received from New York the contract for a portfolio by the Sherwood Studio Inc. N. Y .. A Lichthappening "The water tower Mannheim was the lighthouse" took place in 1981, in which handmade by Hans graders Dias (original art) were projected onto the water tower.

In 1982 he participated with the painting "The Last Supper in contemporary art" at the exhibition of documenta. 7

SWR3 sent 1988 television documentary "Sculptural Painting" (called Clapage) and 1990 as a documentation of the exhibition "Re-Visions" at the Kunsthalle Mannheim. In 1995 RNF produced a documentary about the exhibition "Re-Visions II" in the Town Hall Gallery: Graphic painting and sculpture.

As a trained lithographer he knew his way around the area of ​​the former printing methods. An essential feature of his painting work is an outspoken experimentation in the field of technical. Creating Graeders revolved primarily around the human figure; as emerged nudes, pictures with portrait character images which tell of incorporeal, shadowy figures or images that verkörperlicht almost by naturalistic conception figures show.

In all the years Hans Graeder was always public contracts at home and abroad.

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