Fay Grajower, American

Fay Grajower

Artist Statement: Central to my work is the combination of history and the unconscious elements of an inherited memory that shape our lives. While my work is abstract, it contains figurative elements and iconographic elements that form my personal visual vocabulary with a narrative quality. An atmosphere of space and light is created for each viewer's perceptions of history and memory.

In my current works I deliberately form grids superimposed over multiple layered papers or works on canvas or glass. In making a surface structure, a grid over what is, new shapes and forms emerge taking into account what was. Some get hidden, some fade, some are reinforced.

Nowaday tragedies changed our lives. Overwhelming emotions enter the process as an added factor to the materials used in making these pieces. A transformation has occurred. The materials used to build a structure - a community - have been deconstructed. In this destruction the material has been dematerialized.

In my work I incorporate words as a layer and as a form of grid. This is another graphic element as well as a visual tool in referencing the state of our world today.

At the end of the day, what legacies do we leave our children, materially and spiritually? What tools and structure do we give them as citizens of the world? What are the freedoms we enjoy and under what framework do these works survive?

The whole is made up of little parts. The small pieces make up the whole. We face a new history and a new memory. Our memory today is the inherited memory and collective memory of the future. We have great challenges before us.

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