Bogdan Grom, Italian/American (1918 - )

Bogdan Grom

Bogdan Grom was born in Trieste, Italy and his artistic roots derive from the landscapes of Yugoslavia and Italy. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Perugia, Venice, and Munich. His work is permanently represented in many museums of modern art and private collections here and abroad. His heroic size environmental sculptures, stained glass windows and mosaics decorate many public buildings, churches, temples, shopping centers, and plazas throughout the country. Grom's paintings evoke a mood of bohemian Europe. He has captured, as only a European can, the ambiance of the people and the landscape; they are presented with a tenderness not seen in contemporary paintings. Grom's tiled roof tops, gondalas and cafe life preserve for us a sensitivity for times past and the earthiness of daily life.

Mr. Grom is a warm, generous, outgoing person who transmits this feeling with great artistic skill. His art training and distinctive painting style have allowed him to create works of immeasurable integrity while expressing and fulfilling his personal goals. Mr. Grom's expansion into the graphic field further illuminates his vision and need to communicate. Today he is recognized and admired throughout the artistic world for his ability to find expression in all contemporary media.

Mr. Grom has had numerous exhibitions since 1949 and his work is to be found in various private and public collections, and his architectural environmental sculptures are in permanent installations in many cities around the world. These sculpture and architectural design works are sensitively oriented to the environment. They are his vision of a mobile society, reflecting tradition as well as nature, illustrative of the cultural and natural heritage of a people.

In praise of Mr. Grom's work it must be noted that his outstanding artistic contributions make him an enviable creator. Mr. Grom's recent Trieste exhibition, "In the Public Eye," represents a compendium of his achievements to date. This exhibition, a retrospective of the last twenty years of his work, illustrates both his individuality and growth.

On any day in his Englewood studio, Grom has several projects going at once—a charcoal inspired by his trips to New Mexico, a sculpture triggered by a current event, a cutout influenced by nature. “I cannot work only on one thing,” he says with a laugh. “I’m always going from one thing to another and coming back.”


    1949 Galleria Scorpione, Trst / Trieste
    1951 Galleria Scorpione, Trst / Trieste
    1954 Galleria Rossoni, Trst / Trieste
    1955 Galleria Montenapoleone, Milano / Milan
    1956 Sala Communale, Trst / Trieste
    U.S.I.S., Trst / Trieste; Palermo
    Galleria La Fontanella, Rim / Rome
    1957 Galleria Rossoni, Trst / Trieste
    1959 The Architectural League of New York, New York
    Temple Emanu-El, Yonkers, New York
    Grom in the Public Eye 1957 –1977, Fort Lee Public Library, Fort Lee
    1978 Grom in the Public Eye 1957 –1977, Yugoslav Press and Cultural Center, New York
    1979 Sala Communale d'Arte, Trst / Trieste
    Kraška galerija / Galleria Carsica, Veliki Repen / Rupingrande
    1980 Art Expo New York: One World Festival, New York Coliseum, New York
    1981 Artworks at the Wayne, Providence, Rhode Island
    1983 North Salem Art Gallery, North Salem, New York
    1984 North Salem Public Library, North Salem, New York
    Centar za kulturu, Kotor, Črna gora / Montenegro
    Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana
    1985 Salon umetnosti kulturnog centra grada Beograda, Beograd / Belgrade
    Galerija Djuro Djaković, Sarajevo
    1986 Galerija TK-Galleria TK, Trst / Trieste
    Seraphim Gallery, Englewood, New Jersey
    1988 Umetnička galerija, Novi Sad; Gradska galerija, Subotica; Galerija, Sombor
    Galerija TK-Galleria TK, Trst / Trieste
    1989 Yugoslav Press and Cultural Center, New York
    1990 Beneška galerija, Špeter / S. Pietro al Natisone, Čedad / Cividale
    1992 Galerija Rika Debenjaka, Kanal ob Soči
    1996 Bogdan Grom 1947-1957, TK Galerija-TK Galleria, Trst / Trieste
    1997 Museo Civico Revoltella, Trst / Trieste
    Voices of Stones and Ascending the Light, JCC, Tenafly, New Jersey
    1998 Two Worlds, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, New Jersey
    2000 Bogdan Grom. Ameriška dela, Pilonova galerija, Ajdovščina; Miheličeva galerija, Ptuj; Galerija Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota
    2001 Grom. Periodo americano 1957-2000, Sala di Palazzo Costanzi, Trst / Trieste
    2008 Dva svetova. Retrospektivni izbor slik, grafik, kipov, ilustracij, arhitekturnih in oblikovalskih rešitev, Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana

    SKUPINSKE RAZSTAVE (izbor ) / GROUP SHOWS (selection)

    1948 Natalizia di artisti triestini, Galleria Scorprione, Trst / Trieste
    1950 Razstava slikarskih in grafičnih del tržaških umetnikov, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
    Ausstellung von Kunstwerken der Slowenischen Maler aus Triest, Künstlerhaus, Celovec / Klagenfurt
    1953 Stalna zbirka Moderne galerije-razširjena s tržaškimi umetniki, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
    1954 Third International Biennial of Contemporary Color Lithography, The Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Meisterwerke der Graphik und Zeichnung seit 1900, Schloss Arbon, Švica / Switzerland
    Tržaški slikarji, Jakopičev paviljon, Ljubljana
    1955 Internationa Exhibition of Children’s Books, International Youth Library- Associated Project of Unesco, München / Munich
    1956 Mostra dell'Incisione Italiana Contemporanea, Galleria Opera Bevilacqua La Masa, Benetke / Venice
    Quinta Mostra Nazionale d'Arte Sacra, Trst / Trieste
    Settima Quadriennale Nazionale d'Arte, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rim / Rome
    Art Klub, Jakopičev paviljon, Ljubljana
    Outdoor Art Exhibition, Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, New York
    1958 Montclaire Art Museum, Montclair, New Jersey
    International Serigraph Exhibition, Riverside Museum, New York
    1963 L’Incisione Artistica Italiana d'Oggi, Padova
    1975 Sculptors Association of New Jersey (SANJ), Lever House, New York
    !980-1983 North Salem Art Gallery, North Salem, New York
    1983 Putnam County Art Center, Mahopac, New York
    1984 Bergen Museum of Art, Paramus, New Jersey
    General Eletric Gallery, G. E. Corporate Head quarters, Fairfield, Connecticur
    1985 16. mednarodni grafični bienale, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
    1986 Arazzi Mitteleuropei. Austria, Italia, Jugoslavia, Centro culturale Rocca Borromeo, Angera, Lago Maggiore
    1987 Arazzi Mitteleuropei, Arazzi Mitteleuropei. Austria, Italia, Jugoslavia, Polonia, Palazzo Venezia, Rim / Rome; Pallazzo della Permanente, Milano / Milan
    Premio Internazionale Biella per l'Incisione 1987, Pallazzo Ferrero della Marmora, Biella
    Fidem ‘87, Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Vuk- Two Centuries later, Sava centar, Beograd / Belgrade; Trsić; Mladenovac; Pariz / Paris
    17.mednarodni grafični bienale, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana; Ryu Contemporary Art, Sakaide-City; Kawasaki
    1989 Fifth International Print Biennale Varna’89, Varna
    Terra ’82-88. Internacionalni simpozijum skulpture Kikinda, Galerija Ulus, Beograd / Belgrade
    1990 Slovenski likovni ustvarjalci po svetu, Galerija Dolenjskega muzeja, Novo mesto; Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
    Narodni muzej, Beograd / Belgrade
    1992 Sefard’ 92, Toledo; Tel Aviv
    1994 Likovna umetnost Južne Primorske 1920-1990, Pokrajinski muzej, Koper
    1995 Dualita: Aspetti della cultura slovena a Trieste, Palazzo Costanzi, Trst / Trieste
    2006 Okno v svet, Galerija Artes, Nova Gorica; Mestna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
    Armenska katedrala sv. Vartana / St. Vartan Armenian Cathedral, 1968, 2nd Avenue and 34th Street, New York City, New York:
    vitraj v tehniki dalles de verre v svetišču in krstilnici, klesana kamnita in bronasta dela / dalles de verre windows in sanctuary and baptistery, stone carvings and bronze works

    Newyorška javna knjižnica / New York Public Library, Staten Island, New York:
    Bralci / Readers, bron / bronze, 1973

    Katoliška cerkev sv. Cirila / St. Cyril R.C. Church, New York, 1998:
    Postaje križevega pota, dva kipa in dva lestenca / Stations of the Cross and two sculptures and two chandeliers

    JCC, White Plains, New York:
    dva vitraja, Večna luč, menora (kovan baker, srebro in steklo) / two stained glass windows, Eternal Light, Menorah (hammered copper, silver & glass), 1984 in / and Drevo življenja / Tree of life, lesena konstrukcija / wood construction, 1985

    General Food Corp., Tarrytown, New York:
    skulptura iz nerjavečega jekla / stainless steel sculpture, 1987

    Atrij / Atrium, 505 Corporate building, Hackensack, New York:
    Kozmos / Cosmos, bron in dve skulpturi iz nerjavečega jekla / bronze and two stainless steel sculptures, 1989

    Slovensko veleposlaništvo v Washingtonu / Slovenian Embassy Washington, DC:
    Straža / Sentinel, nerjaveče jeklo / stainless steel

    in druga pomembna dela v ZDA / and additional major works in the US:
    Phoenix, Arizona; West Palm Beach, Florida; North Riverside, Chicago, Illinois; Wichita, Kansas; Baltimore, Maryland; Exton, Pennsylvania.

    GRAFIČNE MAPE IN KNJIGE (izbor) / CREDITS (selection)

    Avtor / Author of Slovenski ornamenti / Slovene Ornaments, Trst / Trieste, 1949, in mape desetih litografij / and portfolio of ten lithographs Trieste and its Karst, Trst / Trieste, 1957.
    Grafike in plakati v omejenih izdajah / Graphics and posters in limited editions.
    Avtor knjige / Author of Moje korenine / Le mie radici / My roots, Mladika, Trst / Trieste 2007.

    ILUSTRACIJE (izbor) / ILLUSTRATIONS (selection)

    Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens): Pustolovščine Toma Sawyerja, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1947.
    Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens): Pustolovščine Huckleberryja Finna, Mladinska knjiga Ljubljana, 1948.
    Jerome Klapka Jerome: Trije možje v čolnu, da o psu ne govorimo, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1952.
    Čudovita potovanja in dogodivščine lažnivega Barona Münchhausna, Založba tržaškega tiska EST, Trst / Trieste, 1952.
    Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens): Tom Sawyer, detektiv, Mladinska knjiga, Ljubljana, 1957.
    Alf Evers: There is no Such Animal, J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia/New York, 1959.
    France Prešeren: Sv Senan. Nuna in kanarček, Prešernova družba, Ljubljana, 1960.
    Neodvisno delo / Freelance work for Harper Brothers, Harcourt Brace and Co., E.P. Dutton, William R. Scott, Simon and Shuster, The Vanguard Press in / and World Book Co.

    JAVNE ZBIRKE (izbor) / PUBLIC COLLECTIONS (selection)

    Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rim / Rome
    Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
    Narodni muzej, Beograd / Belgrade
    Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
    White House Art Collection, Washington D.C.
    Muzej savremene umetnosti, Beograd / Belgrade
    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York
    New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
    National Museum of Art, Osaka
    Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokio / Tokyo
    Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Museo Revoltella, Trst / Triest
    Mednarodni grafični likovni center, Ljubljana


    1985 American Institute of Architects (AIA), Award for Excellence in Design for The Schulman Chapel, White Plains, New York


    Društvo likovnih umetnikov Slovenije, Ljubljana
    Art Klub, Trst / Trieste
    The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), New York
    The American Craftsmen's Council (ACS), New York
    National Association of Muralist Painters, New York
    Art Center of Northern New Jersey, Tenafly, New Jersey
    College Art Association, New York
    AMSA-American Medallic Sculpture Association, New York
    International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C.

    BIBLIOGRAFIJA (izbor) / BIBLIOGRAPHY (selection)
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