Adam Handler, American (1986 - )

Adam Handler

I was born in Queens , but grew up on Long Island where I started to realize the possibilities of art; it’s implications on society and an individual. Growing up I would spend any free time at my grandmothers framing factory, where I was exposed to great artworks, from Picasso’s to Jasper Johns paintings. I mainly fell in love with aesthetics of art and how a frame and a quality painting can create something entirely new. As I started to mature I began writing poetry and writing music in which I would perform my new found obsessions in front of the few that would listen. I eventually started to illustrate whirling figures or landscapes around my writings, and realized maybe there’s a possibility to combine these two art forms into one cohesive piece of art. 

My adventure into the true world of visual arts began when I was 18 and spent 3 months in Italy studying drawing with Professor Len Stokes. He pushed me to look beyond form and color and create pieces that were visually exciting and shockingly beautiful. His guidance opened my eyes to the freedom of drawing and painting, and was a defining point in my artistic journey. On my return from Italy I started to surround myself in art of all media, not only creating experimental pieces but studying the past masters that I’ve grown to love. I got my B.A. in Art History from The State University of Purchase, with a minors in Fine Arts. I decided not to limit myself to just painting, but studied sculpture, photography and even graphic design. I currently work at the same factory which inspired me to become an artist in the first place, and I plan to keep on revolutionizing my art as I grow.

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