Miguel Herrera, Chilean (1935 - )

Miguel Herrera

Miguel Herrera was born in Chile in 1935. His art education includes a Masters Degree in Fine Arts Education at the University of Chile, Santiago, Chile in 1959; printmaking study under S. W. Hayter at Atellier 17 Academie Ramson, Paris France from 1961-1962; and a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in 1970 from Pratt Institute, New York.

In 1986 Herrera became an American citizen and he currently works in New York. In addition to a career as a painter and master printmaker, Herrera writes poetry, short stories, and children's books. His work as an artist includes: art critic for Las Americas and Revista Latino American, New York; theater stage design in Chile; and graphic artist and printer of intaglio etchings at the famous Bank Street Atelier. He taught painting, drawing, art history, specialized printmaking techniques (intaglio, lithography, and silkscreen), and master printmaking in Chile, Morocco, and the United States including: Hebrew Institute, Santiago, Chili; Intaglio, Pratt Graphics Center, New York; Summit Art Center at Summit New Jersey; Blackburn Workshop, New York; Alishah, Morocco.

Among grants and awards earned are: First Prize in Printmaking, Salon del Magisterio, Valpariso, Chile; Study Grants, French Government; Purchase Award, Printmaking Biennial of Puerto Rico; Acquisition Prizes , Carton de Venezuela, and a Fulbright Fellowship. Venues for one person shows of his work including: Fine Arts Museum, Satiago, Chile; Pratt Institute, New York; and Museum of Modern Art, Asilah, Morocco. Venues for group exhibitions featuring his work include: Fine Arts Fair, Santiago, Chile; Chilean Printmaking, Museo de Bellas Artes, Lima, Peru; Latin American Painting, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C.; Biennial of Printmaking, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Annual Shows, Pratt Graphic Center, New York; Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn New York; Stutgart, Germany; New York Contemporary Exhibition of Graphic Art, Tiapei, Taiwan; Center for Inter-American Relations, New York; United Nations, New York; International Art Fairs, Washington DC, and Basel, Switzerland; International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia; and the Latin American Biennial of Graphic Art , Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. Herrera's art is collected in public and privately held institutions, including: Xerox Corporation, Disney World, Florida; Sheraton Hotel Corporation; Shell Oil Corporation, New York; Sanofi Collection, Paris; RCA Incorporated, New York; Marriott Hotels; New York Times; Johnson & Johnson; General Electric Corporation; IBM Corporation; Exxon Corporation; Credit Lyonnaise, France; Banco America, New York; and Atlantic-Richfield Corporation, New York. Museums exhibiting Herrera's work in their permanent collections include: Rochester Museum, Rochester, New York; Museo Nacional, Habana, Cuba; Museum of Modern Art, Tangier, Morocco; Museum of Fine Arts, Vina del Mar, Chile; Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York; Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris, France; and Museum of Modern Art, New York.

1970 Master Degree in Fine Arts
1961-62 Printmaking, Academie Ranson, Paris
Stanley W. Hayter, Atelier 17
1959 Master Degree in Fine Art Education
University of Chile, Santiago de Chile
Languages: English, French & Spanish
Teaching Experiance:
1995 - 96 Instructor Painting and Drawing
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York
1989 Masters course in printmaking, organized by the Department of
Education, Asilah, Morocco
1987 - 88 Printmaking, Blackburn Workshop, New York
1973 - 74 Printmaking, Summit Art Center, Summit, New Jersey
1972 - 75 Assistant Instructor in Intaglio, Lithography and Silkscreen
Pratt Graphics Center, New York
1963 - 68 Painting, Drawing and Art History
Hebrew Intitute, Santiago Chile

Work Experience:
1972- Working as a painter, writer, poet and original graphic artist
Master printer - Intaglio - 2/20 Workshop, New York
1970 - 72 Printer of Intaglio ethcings at the Bank Street Atalier, New York
1963 - 68 Teacher of Fine Arts and Art History at several private and state
institutuins in Chile

Grants and Awards:
1992 Acquisition Prize, Sanofi, France
1986 Acquisition Prize, Carton de Venezuela
1982 Acquisition Prize, Carton de Venezuela
1972 Pruchase Award, Printmaking Biennial de Puerto Rico
1968 - 70 Fulbright Fallowship
1968 First Prize, Drawing, Summer Salon, Vina del Mar, Chile
1960 - 62 French Government Grant
1959 First Prize, Printmaking, Salon del Magisterio, Valparaiso, Chile

One Man Exhibitions:
1995 - 01 2/20 Gallery, New York City
1989 Museum of Modern Art, Asiliah, Morocco
1985 Scarborough Gallery, Chappaqua, New York
1984 Daruma Gallery, Cedarhurst, New York
1981 Gallerie Lahumiere, Paris
1980 HMK Fine Arts, New York City
1978 Gramercy Park Fine Arts, New York City
1970 MFA Exhibition, Pratt Institute, New York
1960 MFA Exhibition, Fine Arts Museum, Santiago, Chile

Group Exhibitions:
1944-03 2/20 Gallery, New York City
1991 International Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1989 International Art Exhibition, Asilah, Morocco
1987 Biennial of Printmaking, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Latin American Biennial of Graphic Art, Museum of Contemprary Art, New York
1985 International Biennial of Graphic Art, Taipei, Taiwan
1983 International Art Affair, Dallas, Texas
1980 International Art Affair,Basel, Switzerland
1978 Art 78 International Art Affair, Washington D.C.
1977 Artist 77, United Nations, New York
1972 - 76 Annual Show, Pratt Graphic Center
1974 Center for Inter-American Relations, New York
1973 Apacolypse WOrkshop, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Buhler Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
1972 Biennial of Printmaking, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1971 Latin American Painting, Couturier Gallery, New Haven, CT
1965 Chilean Printmaking, Museo de Bella Artes, Lima Peru
1963 Young Chilean Painters, Traveling Exhibition, Europe

Museum Collections (Selected):
Biblioteque Nationale de Paris, France
Bronx Museum, Bronx, New York
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York
Chamaliers Museum, France
Grenoble Museum, France
Housetanic Museum, Bridgeport, Conn
Jordanian National Museum of Art, New York, NY
Metropolitan Musuem of Art, New York, NY
Museum of History, Taipei, Republic of China
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, Tangier Morocco
Rochester Museum, Rochester, New York
Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Corporate Collection (Selected):
American Airlines
Avon Corporation
Bank of America
Bell Telephone
Citibank, NY
Carton de Venezuela
Credit Lyonnaise, France
Delta Airlines
Exxon Corporation
General Electric
JC Penny
Japan Airlines
Japan Trade bank
Johnson & Johnson
McGraw Hill Publishers
Prudential Life Insurance of America
R.C.A. Inc
Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

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