Raymond Hosford, American

Raymond Hosford

Hosford was a commercial artist in Chicago and came originally from central Nebraska where he loved farm life and farm people. That love of strong people is captured in much of his work; including the figures in the Ascension mural.

Other local works by Hosford include the mural on the inside south wall of Chaffee County Bank. It depicts the history of Chaffee County.

Along with his wife Henrietta (also a successful artist) he moved to Salida, Co. and settled into a strong and beautiful life in middle America art.

Speaking of the Ascension mural at the Episcopal Church in Salida, Colorado, Hosford explained, ”The life-size figures depict strong men. Jesus and the apostles were laborers and fishermen and I tried to show that strength in the mural.”

From winning a few awards in Chicago he became an outstanding art instructor at Colorado Mountain College. He added to his Art Directors Club of Chicago awards with awards from the New York Society of Illustrators. Hosford was one of only eight artists chosen by the Franklin Mint to illustrate “America the Beautiful” for the bicentennial.

He was also chosen to create the mural on the wall of the Department of Agriculture building for the state of Colorado.

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