Urbain Huchet, French (1930 - )

Urbain Huchet

Born In Rennes on April 28, 1930.

After studying law and owning a textile factory for four years, de decided in 1960 to devote himself entirely to painting.

Mr. Huchet spent his first three years as an artist in Pont Aven, following in the footsteps of Gaugin and Emile Bernard, both of whom influenced him a great deal. He does many paintings of landscapes and the typical people of his region. His love of the Brittany coast and the sea can always be seen in his work.

After moving to Paris in 1963, his love of adventure and travel led him to spend more time painting and writing in Europe, the Middle East, and South America, where he produced many paintings of the Indian Markets and the great scenery. He made 14 trips of more than 4 months each, from Mexico to Brazil via Peru, Central America and the Caribbean Islands. In Addition to the paintings he has written a book about these beautiful countries. A luxurious portfolio of paintings of Egypt shows his love of that country.

 Urbain Huchet has held exhibitions in New York, london and New Orleans, and Several in Egypt, however, Paris is where his largest number of works have been produced. At least 300 editions of lithographs have been printed of his works, all produced by the artist himself in different workshops in Paris and Cannes.

His "nature de Breton" and his love of the sea and ships have inspired numerous editions of lithographs and works of the sea.

1960-1966 Exposition Mairie de Pont-Aven
1961 Salon de la Nationale des Beaux-Arts a Paris
1961 Selection Prix Othon Friesz, Paris
1961 Galerie Felix Vercel - New York
1962 Mairie de Pont-Aven
1962 Exposition Moulin de Rosmadeuc - Pont-Aven
1962 Exposition Galerie de la Proue a Rennes
1963 Selection - Club Signitures - Paris
1964 Exposition Mexico
1965 Exposition Galerie Achard de Souza, New York
1966 Exposition Hotel Semiramis, Le Caire
1967 Exposition de Groupe Musee de Louvain (Belgique)
1967 Exposition Galerie Chardin Paris
1968 Exposition de Groupe Moulin de Vauboyen a Bievres
1968 Exposition Galerie de la Proue a Rennes
1970 Exposition Galerie Kinedia a Paris
1971 Exposition Galerie d'Art aeroport d'Orly
1971 Exposition Sao Paulo, Bresil
1971 Exposition Galerie Rolan Gerard, Paris
1972 Exposition Galerie Merl-Kup, Mexico
1973 Exposition Fnac Etoile a Paris
1974 Exposition Hotel Sofitel a Paris
1975 Exposition Galerie l'Atelier a Brive
1976 Hyatt Hotel a Singapour
1976 Exposition Regent-Hotel a Kuala-Lumpur
1976 Hyatt Aryaduta a Djakarta
1976 Exposition Relais de Santa-Pons a Aix-en-Provence
1978 Exposition Palais des congres a Paris
1980 Exposition Galeries "L'Atelier", Brives
1981 Exposition Livre De Luxe, "Imressions of Egypt", limited Edition of 100
1982 Exposition "Maison de la lithographie", Paris
1983 Exposition "la Colombe D'Or", Houston
1983 Porfolio, 12 Lithographs "Impressions of Houston", limited edition of 285
1984 Portfolio of 8 lithographs "Houston" Limited Edition of 90 portfolios for Galerie Gerard Wurzer, Houston, Texas.
1984 Exposition Galerie Bosquet, Paris
1984 Exposition Styles at Houston Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
1985 Exposition, Horizon Galleries, Houston, Texas
1985 Exposition, Gallerie International, Dallas Texas

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