Huöng, Vietnamese/American

Huöng is a self-taught artist and one of the most recognized figures in the Alaskan art scene today.  Huöng was born and raised in Vietnam and worked as a war correspondent before her escape to the United States as a refugee from the Communist takeover of her native country in 1975.

Huöng came to Alaska in 1976 and made her new home on Kodiak Island.  Finding it impossible to write in the language she did not yet speak, Huöng took up the brush and began painting full time.  The vivid color and lyrical line in her watercolors captured the breathtaking beauty of the north.

Huöng art works are represented by galleries nationwide.  Her talents have been documented by National Public Radio, Voice of America, Alaska Public Television and Broadcasting.  She appeared on both “Good Morning Alaska” and “Something on 17” public television. The artist has been traveling with her Alaska exhibit, a nationwide tour that includes galleries in Anchorage, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, and Montreal.  The highlights of the tour were her one-women art show in Washington, DC and Vancouver, where her works were displayed during the World Expo ’86 in Canada. Now after traveling North America, refining her ar, expanding her subject matter and honing her vision, Huöng has finally broken through to the painter’s greatest challenge: oils. When she bought her first paint brush she sold her first painting for $25, now her works go for much much more.  Lee Iaccoca owns three.

Huöng’s early work was landscape and flowers, which she continues to paint, by it is her loving, interlocking human figures that have gained her notice in the art world. Huöng moved to Boca Raton, Florida five years ago and established her first studio, but it wasn’t until she became the principal artist of the Ryals Gallery in 1992. 

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