Wiltold Leszek Kaczanowski (aka Wiltold-K), Polish (1932 -)

Wiltold Leszek Kaczanowski

Born in Warsaw, Poland
Studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.
Was sent to Paris in 1964 by the Polish Ministry of Culture. Smuggled manuscripts of dissident writers from Poland and the Soviet Union into the West. Recieved award from American Congress for the Freedom of Culture, Paris (1964), but was not allowed to return to Poland for many years.
Moved to New York in 1968. Relocated to California in 1969 and opened his first studio/gallery in Beverly Hills. Also lived and worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Houston, Texas. Has been a resident of Denver, Colorado, since 1980.


Has collaborated with Los Alamos scientist Dr. Stirling Colgate and his team to create a "Black Hole" sculpture with explosives (1973-present).
Created set design for "Jumpstart Ballet," performed in Denver and Aspen: A Trilogy: Light, Time & Space (2001).
Created stage design for Cité Sans Sommeil, a play by Jean Tardieu, performed at the University of Colorado at Denver (2001).
Painting Solitude was reproduced on poster for Denver International Film Festival (1996).
Painting Counterpoint was reproduced on program cover and poster for Aspen Music Festival (1992).
Several paintings commissioned by Stewart Title Insurance Company, Aspen, Colorado; New York, New York; and Houston, Texas (1977).
Commissioned by the Houston Chamber of Commerce to create a giant jigsaw puzzle (225 ft. long, 9 ft. high, cut into 1,400 pieces). The puzzle was assembled by the public and exhibited in front of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
Several paintings commissioned by the Van Dyke Oil Company, Houston Texas (1975).
Commissioned to create several sculptures and paintings for the Headquarters of Conoco Oil Company, Houston Texas (1974).
Co-designed Cultural Center in the city of Auschwitz and was commissioned to paint a nearly 4,000 square-foot al fresco ceiling mural, one of the largest in Europe (1958-61).
Co-designed pavilions for International Fairs, including Leipzig, Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Moscow, Russia; Poznan, Poland; Paris and Lyon, France (1953-63).
Retrospective Exhibit at the Otis Art Institute, celebrating 25 years of creativity (Los Angeles, 1973).
Painting commissioned by United California Bank, Beverly Hills, Calafornia (1970).

In honor of Witold-K's 65th birthday, Mayor Wellington Webb proclaimed May 15th "Witold-K. Day in Denver" (1997).
Received Medal of Achievement and Honor from the Republic of Poland (1997).
Received Medal of Esteem from Pagart, Polish Artists Agency (1990).
Painted with Pablo Picasso in France; Picasso painted Witold-K's portrait (1967).
French writer Jacques Prévert dedicated a poem to Witold-K's "People" paintings (1966).

Close to 50 solo and group exhibits in Europe and the United States.

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