Kim Ki-Chang, Korean (1913 - 2001)

Unbo Kim Gi-chang was born in Seoul, 1913 and when he was 16 years old in 1930s he commenced to study drawings under Idang's teaching. He was first debuted at the Chosun Drawing exhibition held in May 1931. During the period of 1931-1940, he was consecutively awarded at the exhibitions. In addition he won the remarkable following prizes; 2nd May culture prize in 1963, the 12th Sangil Culture award in 1971, the citizen's merit "Moranjang" of 1981 and Seoul city culture award of 1986. Through the long period of about 60 years of painting experience from early beginning of 1930s up to the latter part of 1980s, he has shown own exclusive processes of the developed course.

It was a course where he continuously transfer his endless formative anxiety into the works. Furthermore it was indebted to his artistic progressiveness and a practical trial course where he tried to have own revolutionary behavior to escape from imitation pattern of the existing drawings. Unbo's artistic path has formed the original art world and secured the second to none position in Korean drawing circle.

1913 Born in Seoul
1930 Graduated from Seoul Seungdong Elementary School

Private Exhibition
1970 ?Exhibition by Kim Ki-chang?(Hyundai Gallery)
1972 ?Exhibition of New Works by Unbo Kim Ki-chang?(Seoul Gallery)
1976 ?Exhibition of works by Kim Ki-chang?(Seoul Gallery)
1977 ?Unbo Kim Ki-chang - Exhibition of Religious Pictures?(Kyongmi Gallery)
1980 ?Retrospective in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of paintings and drawings by Unbo Kim Ki-chang?
(National Museum of Contemporary Art in Deoksugung)
1983 Charity Exhibition for funds of deaf and dumb ?Sketches of Scenery by Unbo Kim Ki-chang?
(National Museum of Contemporary Art)
?Exhibition of works by Kim Ki-chang?(Lotte Art Museum)
1985 Exhibition of works by Unbo Kim Ki-chang in LA ( Korean Culture Center in LA)
1989 ?Exhibition by Kim Ki-chang?(Songwon Gallery)
1991 ?Yesterday and Today of Unbo Kim Ki-chang?(Grape Hall in Lotte Dept. Store, Chamsil Br.)
?Exhibition of Golden Baekja by Unbo Kim Ki-chang?
1993 ?Exhibition in memory of the 80th anniversary of Unbo Kim Ki-chang's birth?(Seoul Arts Center) /
?Exhibition by Kim Ki-chang?(Hyundai Gallery)
1995 Preview in commemoration of opening Busan Branch of Lotte Gallery.
1997 '60 Years' Arts of Unbo Kim Ki-chang-Exhibition of not opened works' in Lotte Gallery

Group Exhibition
1931-40 Selected and specially selected for the 10~19th Chosun Art Exhibition
1936-43 1~6th Exhibition by the Husoheo
1950-93 7~20th Exhibition by the Husoheo
1941-44 Recommended Artist of 20-23rd Chosun Art Exhibition
1948, 50, 56, 61, 63, 65, 66, 71 Exhibition by Husband and Wife
1955-61 Invited Artist of Korean Art Exhibition (4, 5, 6, 8, 10th)
1957-77 1~26th Exhibition by the Baekyangheo
1958 Preview of ?Korean Contemporary Art? in World House Gallery in NY
1960 4th?Preview of Contemporary Artist?(sponsored by Chosun Ilbo)
1972 ?Korean Modern Art for 60 Years (1900~1960)?(National Museum of Contemporary Art)
1977 Invited to the Road Show for Europe with Korean Paintings (Stockholm Royal Oriental Museum in Sweden /
Lazensi Singri Art Musem in Holland/Stuttgart Cultural Exchange Center in Germany/Paris Sernice Art Museum
in France)
1980 ?Exhibition of works by Unbo Kim Ki-chang & Songnam Shin Sang-ho? (Lotte Dept. Store Gallery)
1983 ?Italy-Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition?(Milano Viscontia Hall, Italy)
1985 ?Exhibition by 6 Prominent Artists?(Dongwon Gallery in Kwanhun-dong)
1991 ?Root of Contemporary Korean Paintings?(Songwon Gallery)
1992 ?Korean Paintings, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow?(Busan Korean Art Museum) and others

1931-40 Selected and specially selected for the 10~19th Chosun Art Exhibition
1963 Won the 2nd Culture Prize of May, Art Center under the Ministry of Culture and Education
1971 Won the 12th 'Sangil Culture Prize', Sangil Culture Foundation
1981 Won the Moran Prize of Order of National Service Merit
1986 Won the Seoul Culture Prize in the field of fine arts

Judge of Korean Art Exhibition / Organizing member of Husoheo & Baekyangheo / Judge of the 2nd International Juvenile Art Festival / Judge of 19th Sangil Culture Prize / Committeeman of Korea Art Association

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