Vladimir Kokolia, Czech (1956 - )

Vladimir Kokolia

Vladimir Kokolia (born November 27, 1956, Brno) is a major contemporary Czech painter, printmaker and draftsman. His artistic activity is very wide, it is also a poet and lyricist. In the years 1984-1997 he worked as a singer Brno group E, belonging to his time to the absolute top of the Czech alternative and underground music. Vladimir Kokolia graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherske Hradiste and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Since 1992 the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Studio Head teacher Graphics II. In 2006 he was appointed professor. Many years of dedicated exercises Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, Faculty of Fine Arts in this sense he taught the subject Standing in front of the stand.

He holds Jindřich Chalupecký Award in 1990. Its website contains so-called Kokopedii, an information page in the same format as Wikipedia.

Vladimir Kokolia is an artist with a wide range of painting and graphic techniques. Controls oil painting, acrylic painting, gouache, tempera painting, watercolor, pen and pencil drawing, charcoal and red chalk, wash drawing, pastel, linocut, drypoint, lithography, photography and scan a digital image. His work is in the area of ​​basic forms, very diverse - from figurative, through landscapes or objects to purely abstract. This is so because for him, the specifications of this type of matter. Rather, it is clear that his work is more important message itself, which then performs the way most suitable for this purpose.

In the work of Vladimir Kokolia dominates the effort to penetrate the nature of the world that surrounds it, with emphasis on the role of the human being in it. And certainly it can say that his view is not a creature called "man" in favor. Kokoliova ink drawings and paintings, which were made up in the eighties and early nineties can be characterized as a mockery of folly, pettiness and blindness of the human individual, incompetent your vision to go beyond where the incarcerated individual, placed itself into jail his comfortable ideological schema uvrhává and tragicomic demise is working on ourselves, not only for his physical demise, but above all spiritual existence, which is not recognized because it is not in their equipment, not show off. These works are characterized as cunning motives and ability to express ideas in a brilliantly impressive nutshell. They are very sharp, trenchant wit charged, critique of anthropocentrism and solipsism postmodern man ignores either on its own unwillingness or inability everything that transcends him and foolishly resting on the banal reality of the world that he can never be the answer. Kokoliův view, however, is not simply the mockery, parody or caricature of the dark sides of humanity. However technique and manner of expression are quite different, not in this context not realize parallels between the current and long past Kokolia Breughel. We gain a convincing impression that human nature does not change and the fundamental problems remain identical throughout its history, regardless of the technological advances that it convinces its own uniqueness. Humility wisdom of Socrates type (Scio Scio nihil not) is a postmodern humans is unknown.

For thematic depth, resourcefulness process, a way of expressing ideas, originality of expression and artistic genuineness Vladimir Kokolia can be considered one of the most important contemporary Czech artists transboundary Czech country.

Kokolia also worked as a singer and songwriter Brno "EU" in the years 1984-1997. Then the band broke up and met only rarely to the concert production, most recently in 2002. The music group "E" dominated Kokoliův very expressive and suggestive vocal deklamativní whose urgency is exposed to texts that are either fiery figurative existential poetic, fascinating confrontation of opposites (see Gates) or very scathing, witty and sarcastic images (see "UAN"). Both types of texts have their common denominator, which is the same philosophical tuning Kokoliova painting and especially printmaking, therefore, to some extent can be considered the author transformed painting in words.

All texts just two group released albums are his work:
E / Live /, Globus International, CD, 1990
I Adore Nothing I Believe It Does not Exist (I adore anything and I believe it does not exist), Rumble, CD 1994.

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