Francois 'Fanch' Ledan, French (1949 - )

Fanch Ledan
Francois "Fanch" Ledan (b. 1949) is noted for delightful scenes of his native Brittany in a colorful "primitive" style. In 1968 he abandoned his studies in commercial design for full-time studies in painting and fine art. His talent was quickly recognized and soon he was involved in major European shows. He became involved in printmaking in 1973 when he learned lithography in Paris. Since then he has had more than 25 one-person shows in Europe, North America and South America.

Art is never made in a vacuum and good art reflects the times in which it is made. A venerable art world axiom, this idea confronts us with particular clarity and force in the work of French-born painter, Fanch Ledan. He draws on the rhythms and elements from our contemporary visual environment to forge a distinctly original, late twentieth century vision. His vivid images are totally contemporary with classical nuances and the brightly streamlined look of modern media.

The marriage of interior and exterior setting is the recurring theme in much of Fanch Ledan's work. His 'windows on the world" concept functions to bring the usual background elements into key focal point. Because interiors are generally uninhabited by human figures, we focus on the way his rooms blend art and architecture to form a balanced and harmonious elegance.

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