Jaime Lischke, American (1975 - )

Born September 28, 1975 in Atlanta Georgia, Jaime Lischke grew up in New York. Lischke received her BA in broadcast communications from Arizona State in 1999. After a short career in the music industry, Lischke received her masters in studio art at the College of New Rochelle. She currently teaches art in Brooklyn, NY. Lischke’s work spans different media, but she is concentrating on painting in oil. A combination of cityscapes and fragmented portraits, her work is saturated with flowers and text. They create stories and reveal contradictions in the context of Pop Art. Lischke is heavily influenced by working and living in Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Statement

Life is often about the beauty and fragility of connection. We are constantly looking for answers and people who understand us, but the search often leads to isolation. We make meaning through symbols and images. In these five pieces I address feelings of isolation, contradiction, familiarity, and connection. I redefine myself and my neighborhood by juxtaposing different words, familiar imagery, and imagination.

I reinforce these contradictions by using current, accessible imagery like water towers and graffiti in oil on canvas. The traditional painting method contains the work, evoking the viewer to see everyday surroundings as pieces of art.

Stylistically referencing pop artists like James Rosenquist, and using text with an affinity reminiscent of Jasper Johns, I reinvent content with a feminine eye and emotional value.An image of my face encrusted with a personal poem leads to a cityscape painting about perspective and the different views shared by a close friend in Chicago and my own Brooklyn rooftop. I address the images in my head as well as feelings that can be shared by the viewer. Even Sexy Chocolate becomes about a dirty street in Brooklyn full of Polish delicacies like E. Wedel Chocolate and the secrets beneath. Beauty lies in imperfection.

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