Cyril Lixenberg, Dutch (1954 - )

Cyril Lixenberg: strives in his work to a minimum and to clarity, therefore, basic geometric shapes are the starting point. In his iron sculptures he manipulates these geometric forms to surprising variations of form and counter form, symmetry and asymmetry. Contrast plays an important role. The work of Lixenberg always consists of two opposites, wherein the exterior of one form the inside of the other and visa versa. The parts fit in it or not each other, but always form one unit. called predictive memories

The Park Garden was processed for a long time art. The intention of this and continues to give extra atmosphere to the garden. Alfheim but now it is a very big step forward: Mariette van Hees has succeeded in reaching an agreement with Cyril Lixenberg. These known Amsterdam artist already has a long list of achievements. He has many works of art are in Dronten, where his second studio is located. In addition, known for his sculpture collections in De Bilt and Leeuwarden, but also in the US, he enjoys much fame. This year will be to show a 4.5 m high column of his hand at Alfheim. These are to be admired "unfolded square" in a bright blue color will the entire season, until September. It comes amid standing on the lawn, thus it can be seen from almost anywhere in the Park Garden is. In this way, this gives the Garden Park an extra special character. All in the theme of "Color Explosion at Alfheim". The garden is a riot of color. The many different colors which have been processed in the yard, are then strengthened by the presence of the art. The garden gets a unique look. You should have seen once! Cyril Lixenberg works are characterized by their simple character. Symmetry plays an important role. Also color always adds something special to his creations. These aspects of his art is never just elected; it always has a value-added. Therefore, the images never a jarring, they just add something to the surrounding landscape. Thus, the images have to speak the function of matting for the environment in which they are placed. This is then reinforced by the fact that the images have no mass, they are as it were 2-D, and this ensures that they are not pompous phenomena, but exquisite works of art that are perfectly integrated in the surroundings.

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