Neil Loeb, American (1950 - )

Artist Neil Loeb's vibrant colors, geometric forms and energetic compositions reflect the high tech flavor of American life today. However, this high tech work is far from intimidating. The bold colors, the deckle edges and hand-painted surfaces on his limited edition cast paper pieces infuse the work with a vital human presence and warmth. As a result, his geometric abstractions have been eagerly embraced by the art world.

Loeb's work consists primarily of limited edition cast paper bas relief structures, and also included limited edition paintings on canvas, carpets and, most recently, posters. Combining a flair for color with an interest in geometry, he attempts to create works, which are, in his words 'mathematical, scientific, futuristic and primitive'.

Loeb's cast paper pieces are often assemblages of different three-dimensional geometric elements composed on black backgrounds. These elements are cast over forms, which Loeb constructs out of a variety of materials, ranging from smooth masonite to ridged rubber sheet or window screen. Most elements have a raised outline and a textured interior. By working in small editions of 50 to 75, Loeb finds that he can 'give the public a high quality original piece of artwork', while spreading out his production costs.

Loeb elaborates on his use of cast paper by explaining, 'The reason I use cast paper is simple: it becomes part of the work. I am simply not satisfied with going out and buying paper or canvas and using that. The first time I formed my own paper and correlated it with the shapes I was using in the piece, I felt more in control and totally involved in the process of creating. Before, I was doing only half the job, but with my own paper, the art is 100 percent me.'

A few years ago, Loeb introduced the first results of his successful negotiations with the Animation Art division of Hanna-Barbera. Through this arrangement Loeb was given free rein to incorporate Hanna-Barbera¼s most famous characters ‚ The Jetsons and The Flintstones ‚ into his own work. Neil Loeb, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera sign the resulting limited edition cast paper pieces. Over the past few years Neil Loeb got the chance to work with different famous characters, like Bugs Bunny, which he incorporated into his art.

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