Roy MacNicol, American (1899 - 19??)

Roy MacNicol

He was born in New York City, had an early training in the West, and has always retained his American independence and wide vision. A painter that is most sensitive to all that is new and vital about him.

This Artist's recent trip to France and Spain has been most fruitful. He has approached Spain with the hope of finding it a land of romand and color, and truly he has found it so. There is his Fiesta screen and Puerta de Toledo in rich color perfectly balanced. It is the land of intense sunlight, fantasy and mysterious shadows. Cavaliers, muleteers and senoritas move about with grace through the old crumbled walls.

His is a vision that has become intensified and the desire to create more urgent. Possessing a vivid imagination, a feeling for composition that is perfect, and a technique created by the necessity of the mood. He paints with strength, power and a natural sense, untrammeled by the fear which a conventional and academic training often forces upon the most gifted. His dramatic instinct coming from his stage training, manifests itself in various effects of light and shade.

MacNicol's compositions though abstract, still hold a human and essentially humorous effect, which adds both to the charm and naivete of the subject. Witness his various bird and animal screen, and panels. Never does he forget that he is a decorative painter. His paintings are always part of the decoration into which they should fit. And it is a happy thing to note, that his vitality and his enthusiasm assure us that he is on the highway to great and lasting things, and the realization of his beautiful dreams. - by A.G. Warshawsky in Arts Club Exhibitions by the Art Institute of Chicago April 1926

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