Harry McCormick, American (1942 - )

Harry McCormick

Harry McCormick is recognized as a master of realism who has become widely known for his stunning evocation of light and shadow. He is especially reputed for his series of landmark restaurants in New York City where he captures the mood and atmo- sphere of some of some of the most inter- esting dining spots in the city Throughout the ages artists have enjoyed painting the cafe and restaurant life of major metropolitan cities. We are now participating in a decade where the art center of the world has shifted from Paris to New York, and with this move of cultural interest we find this great city being the subject of more and more contemporary paintings. It has developed a whole genre of urban artist who regard New York City as both a personal statement and a cultural phenomena.
McCormick's work has been compared to both Hooper and Wyeth, as being of a class of realism that is particularly poignant and accessible. His paintings are not only illustrative of the city, but portraits of the anonymous citizens that inhabit its canyons. It may be two young women musing between cups of coffee in a sumptuous romantic salon; a solitary man ruminating in a meticulously restored Victorian tavern; or the old meeting the new in an art deco diner. McCormick is especially sensitive to the "climate" of the city and illustrates a re- strained respect for the citizens of New York. Through McCormick's paintings we can participate in the lazy afternoons and repose of the Big Apple.

Individual Exhibitions
1976A.C.A. Galleries, New York
1973A.C.A. Galleries, New York
1971A.C.A. Galleries, New York
1970A.C.A. Galleries, New York
1969 Bruster Gallery, New York
1968 A.C.A. Galleries, New York
1965 Martin Gallery, New York
1964 Martin Gallery, New York

Collective Exhibitions

1975 DeCordova Museum, Lincoln,
1972 St. Mary's College of Maryland
1966 Mark of the Phoenix Gallery,
New York
1966-67 University of Maryland, Heck-

scher Museum, Huntington,
1965-66 Newark Museum, Newark, N.J.
1965 One Gallery, Gallery of
Modern Art

Permanent Collections
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, N.Y
Newark Museum, Newark, N.J.
The University of Southern Illinois
Jesse Besser Museum, Mich.
Canton Art Institute, Canton, Ohio
Fairleigh Dickenson University,
Rutherford, N.J.
Southern Illinois University
Charles B. Godard Art Center,
Ardmore, OkIa.
Griffith Art Center, St. Lawrence
University, Canton, Ohio
Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y.
Vatican Collection, Rome, Italy
St. Mary's College of Maryland
University of Wyoming of Art,
Laramie, Wy.
Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham,
Wichita State University, Wichita, Ks.
Charles Rand Penney Foundation,
New York

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