Josef Pierre Nuyttens, Belgian (1885 - 1960)

Joseph Nuyttens
Pierre Nyttens is internationally recognized as one of the world's most
gifted and versatile living artists, displaying genius in every medium (water color, oil, pen and ink, and sculpture. But first of all, Pierre Nuyttens is without equal in dry point etchings, and his works are prized the world over by museums and collectors.

The range of Nuyttens' subjects appears unlimited--landscapes, mariens,
character studies, animals--while his portraits are so outstanding that
he is often caled the "official etcher of Presidents and Notables."

He has made portrait etchings of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson,
Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Many notables too--Kings, Queens, actors of stage and screen, industrialists and society people have sat for him here and abroad. His portraits of Edison, Lipton and Irene Castle, among others, are particularly renowned.

Since Pierre Nuyttens reached 16 years of age (when he won first prize
award at the Royal Academy of Art at Antwerp) his etchings have hung in
prominent galleries the world over, among them the Washington
Congressional Library and War Museum of Brussels. Foremost art dealers
in the world all display Nuyttens' etchings.

So many sided is Nuyttens' genius that he is also renowned as an author of novels, and he has received many awards for both art and literary work. Among other awards it is interesting to note that Pierre Nuyttens is a Chevalier Knight in the Order of Leopold the Second, having been decorated by the greatly loved late King Albert of Belgium. National Arts Guild, Chicago, Ill.

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