Giuliano Ottaviani, Italian

Giuliano Ottaviani

Every Artist expresses himself according to the styles that show to suit as his creative wit. They usually direct their Art one or the other representative style. Painters sculptors and graphic designers find in every creative activity they own way of developing their art and of investigation to achieve noteworthy results. An artistic expression embracing all the fields of the visual representation is something that a few people can achieve and very few artists are able to achieve their goals, but also as regards the communication the establish with the people that benefit from their artistic production itself.

Giuliano Ottaviani is a very eclectic artist and performs his activity in polyhedrical directions, but, what is more remarkable about him, he is a really valuable technologist, since he knows all the inner properties of the used materials and then he is able to take advantage of these properties and without any pretences. There are no secrets for him as regards to the characteristics of the metal and he doesn't know any limits as regards to the realization of fusions and weddings and the exploitation of the chromatic fluctuations in the different techniques, so that he can achieve extraordinary aesthetical results. His dancers and mannequins evoke an exiting show: his dresses anticipate time and fashion, some of them have been observed at the last fashion collections.

Ottaviani needs only a few elements in order to emphasize the long shapes of women that appear as if the were moving, even if they actually remain still. The contrasting game created by the polished and acidified bronze with the various fluctuations of green is enough to underline the charm of a job, that with the gracefulness of the proceeding preserves the attraction of a collective dream of beauty and frailty.

The Artist makes use of acrylic, pastel and oil colors to paint on the canvas, creating equally valuable effects. His "Venices" have an ancient and at the same time, futuristic taste. The shape of the gondolas merge and blend with structures that reminds of a dream's world. The channels and the brooks can be known by intuition. The sea and the sky are described in their trickling among the houses, but they never show a real physical aspect. The brazilian landscapes are perceived by the artist in their luxuriant vegetal essence, while the disquieting presences, that are hardly sketched are able to perfectly depict the atmosphere of a land that is mysterious for its vastitudes and the different aspects of reality that coexist in it. Ottaviani, by means of evanescent elements similar to soap bubbles, tries to uncover or maybe, paradoxically, to cover the mystery of a land the we know very little, but that os always present in our dreams. What is interesting the most is the social commitment showed by Ottaviani, who does his best to rehabilitate the social outcasts from different countries of the world. He tries to employ the realization of works useful to reclaim the deteriorated outskirts and to restore the 'Green lungs' with the aim to insert the people inside a healthy and livable environment. This is what the artist is doing in Brasil at the moment, and he would like to suggest this method for every other country in the world having areas the can be reclaimed for a more valuable civil life.

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