Branko Paradis, American/Croatian (1942 - )

Branko Paradis

Branko Paradis, an American, self-taught, Naïve oil painter, was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1942. Before moving to New York in 1970, Paradis was part of the second generation group of painters known as the "Yugoslav Primitives." In 1971, Dr. Otto Kallir, "discoverer" of Grandma Moses, invited him to mount his first solo show in New York at Kallir's Galerie St. Etienne. Paradis had his second solo show in New York from1977-78, directed and sponsored by Dr. Armand Hammer of the prestigious Hammer Galleries on West 57th Street.

Branko Paradis draws inspiration not only from folk and peasant motifs, but also includes African animals and other visionary impressions in his work. Whatever the motif, he remains true to his seemingly simple "naive" style, which gives us an innocence and honesty that is missed in modern life. His both charming and masterful work continues to delight admirers both in the United States and Europe.

Selected Private Collections: Hammer Galleries, NY;  Galiere St. Etienne, NY;  Zimmer Gallery, Germany Estate of Mr. Yul Brenner;  Mr. Lou Jacoby;  Ms. Dina Merrill; Mr. Cliff Robertson; Dr. & Mrs. R. Borriello;  Ms. C. Broomall;  Mr. N.Cameron;  Mr. & Mrs. B. Gallehr
Mrs. Z. Gasser;  Dr. & Mrs. Scott Gray;  Mr. M. Greer;  Mr. & Mrs. E. Huber
Dr. & Mrs. P. Jovanovic;  Dr. & Mrs. D. Kadoe;  Mr. N. Kramer;  Mr. J. Long
Dr. W. Lossef;  Mr. & Mrs. L. Nau;  Mr. & Mrs. I. Reich;  Mr. & Mrs. L. Silverstein


  2005       –  The Louis & Linda Nau Private Collection established
  2004       –  Published, Global Fine Arts/Princess Cruises
                               Serio-Lithograph Limited Editions
  2002       –  Dog Fanciers Club Inc., New York City                            
                      “15th American Dog Art Competition”
  2001       –  Fletcher Gallery, “Book Art Press Choices”, NY     
  2000       –  Published, “New Art International,” Book Art Press, NY
  1997       –  Grosse Pointe Gallery, Michigan                                   
  1997       –  Gallerie Je Reviens, Connecticut                                     
  1997       –  Published, Canadian Art Prints, Canada
  1997       –  Bon A Tirer Gallery, New York                               
  1996       –  Galerie Jeannine Blais, Canada                                      
                              “Concours International d’Art Naif”
  1996       –  Alexandria Museum of Art, Louisiana                    
                      “15th Annual Competition”
  1996       –  Arnot Art Museum, New York                                
                      “63rd Regional Exhibition”
  1996       –  Breckenridge Fine Art Center, Texas                     
                      “BFAC National Competition”
  1996       –  Silvermine Guild Arts Center, Connecticut           
                      “47th Annual Art of the Northeast USA”
  1996       –  The National Art League, New York                        
                      “66th Annual Open Exhibition”
  1996       –  Consulate General of Republic of Korea, California
                       “Across the Miles: Juried Exhibition”                           
  1995       –  Selected for inclusion in Art Communication Int’l.
                        (ACI) CD-ROM, “Virtuosity: Juried Exhibitiion”
  1995       –  Cheekwood Museum of Art, Tennessee                             
                       “Cheekwood National Painting Competition”
  1995       –  Viridian Gallery, New York                                              
                       “6th National Juried Exhibition”
  1995       –  Adelphi University, New York                                
                       “Naïve Art from the Balkans”
  1990       –  Young Fox Gallery, Canada                                   
  1989       –  Smith-Galeta Gallery, New Jersey                         
  1987       –  Zannoni Gallery, Switzerland                                
  1977-78  –  Hammer Galleries, New York                                 
  1976       –  Tanisia Gallery, Venezuela                                              
  1975       –  Tanisia Gallery, New York                                               
  1974       –  Greer Gallery, New York                                        
  1972       –  Galiere St. Etienne, New York 

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