Maryeileen Perri, American

Maryeileen Perri

Maryeileen's artwork is in the style of contemporary realism, grounded in the tradition of the Old Masters, infused with painterly impressionism and artistic traditions shared by the regional painters of the Brandywine Valley.

She evokes sensitivity and empathy, allowing her to create images which capture the true essence of her subject and demonstrate her signature style of interpretation. Maryeileen’s draftsmanship, use of color and light, observation of detail and love of form allows her to create figurative scenes, landscapes and still life pieces with a timeless quality.

A native of Pennsylvania and resident of the West Chester, Chester County area, Maryeileen currently paints with Neilson Carlin, a classical painter, at Studio Rilievo and with Karl J. Kuerner III, an artist of the Brandywine Tradition.Her paintings are exhibited in juried shows and in public venues, and held in private collections in Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina.

A lifetime of enriching experiences as an educator, spouse, mother, student of life, gardener, traveler, community leader and woman influence the way Maryeileen works, and how she sees the world, having been inspired by all the personalities, passages and places found within those experiences.


2007 – Present: Studio Rilievo*, Art Director and Classical Artist, Neilson Carlin
*A studio environment deeply rooted in the classical tradition and catering to artists interested in championing the realist standard.
2006 – Present: Studio sessions with Karl J. Kuerner III, an American Artist in the Brandywine Tradition

2007-2009 at Studio Rilievo with Neilson Carlin
Figure Painting Seminars I and II with Live Model, Chroma Seminar and Workshop, Hue Seminar and Workshop, Landscape Painting Seminar, Portrait Painting Seminar with Live Model, Floral Painting Seminar and Workshop

2003-2006 at Chester County Art Association
Jon Redmond (Oil Painting: Still Life, Figure with Live Models), Denise Vitrollo (Drawing with Pencil with Live Models), EO Omwake (History of Art Theory), Sandra Milner (Gestural Figure Drawing with Live Models), Mary Beaumont (Oil Painting: Landscape, Still Life, Portrait with Live Models)

2001 & 2005 at Longwood Gardens
Eileen Rosen (Colored Pencil: Florals), Anna B. Francis (Watercolor I and II: Florals)

2003 & 2005 in Boone, NC
Kristy Kutch (Colored Pencil), James Kerr (Oil Painting: Landscape, Portrait)

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