Paintings of your Classic Car by Hugo Prado!

We are actively looking for commissions of mint-condition classic automobiles. The owner of the automobile may purchase the original art but, the publishing rights remain with the artist, The painting cost begins at $8,500.00 and goes up from there depending on complexity (The original painting of the 1931 Duesenberg and the Dale Earnhardt's C5R were each a $20,000.00 commission.)

Once the price for the painting is agreed upon all other expenses like airfare, hotel, and transportation, while in your town, are extra and not included in the price of the painting.
All of this assuming that you are located outside of Chicago where we are based.

This usually takes a weekend, it can be done during the week also but, we say weekend because most people have more free time then. Assuming the weekend scenario, Mr. Prado does his own photography in order to capture the essence of the painting before he even starts to draw it. He would arrive on a Friday, photograph the car on Saturday, and leave on Sunday. As an example, a Corvette painting, (simpler body style) would take about 3 months from the time the car is photographed. (The photography is included in the cost of the painting.) We require 50% deposit before we photograph the car and 50% before we ship the artwork (shipping charges and insurance are extra.) Professional museum-quality triple matted framing is available upon request and it is not included in the price of the painting.

To avoid the extra expenses of flying the artist to your location, etc. we suggest you talk to us at a show. We always have professional photography equipment ready with us. So, when you are ready to commission, we can photograph the car right there at the show.

The paintings, using a Corvette side view for example, measure 25" from bumper to bumper in contrast the 1931 Duesenberg J-131 which measures 29" from bumper to bumper because it has more detail. The painting is a mixed media of acrylics and watercolors sprayed through the airbrush and technical pens for detail. You will be delighted with the accuracy in the detail and artistic license that Mr. Prado takes to bring the colors of the atmosphere in play with your classic motorcar. You will discover things you never saw in your car and the enjoyment to discover new details you never knew existed after you had the painting for a while is what art is all about.

Mr. Prado's artwork has been showcased nationwide in the prestigious TV show MOTORWEEK, Chicago's very own WGN's CHANNEL 9 NEWS, CBS's show '2 the Arts'
Hosted by Steve Deshler, Sold through QVC NETWORK. Some of Mr. Prado's originals have been auctioned by 'The World Leader of Automobile Auctioneer's' KRUSE INTERNATIONAL and THE BLOOMINGTON GOLD CORVETTES USA. Mr. Prado's prints have been given away live and on-the-air by legendary radio personality DICK BIONDI. Among Mr. Prado's noted collectors is The Tonight Show's host JAY LENO.



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