Siggy Puchta, German (1933 - )


Born in Germany in 1933.

Studied woodcarving for three years.

Resident of Toronto, Ontario.

Studied sculpture with Dora de Pedery Hunt at Northern Vocational.

Exhibited with the Sculptors Society of Canada (S.S.C.) and Ontario Society of Artists (O.S.A.) at the Ontario Art Gallery/ Toronto, Quebec City and other galleries throughout Canada.

Became a member of the S.S.C. after participating in the first open-air sculpture exhibition at the Stratford Festival in 1965.

Held first one-man show at the Art Gallery of the Canadian Handicraft Guild in 1967.
Second one-man show exhibition was in 1968 at the Shaw Rimmington Gallery in Toronto.

1969: Worked and exhibited at the old sculpture studio on the grounds of the Guild Inn, Scarborough, Ontario.
1971 and 1972: Participated in the ninth and tenth annual art exhibition at the Acapulco Hilton Hotel, Mexico.
1972: Exhibited in New York City, N.Y.

Held first one-man exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio in 1973.

1975: Participated in the international exhibition of contemporary medals (FIDEM) at Cracow, Poland.
Exhibited with the Olympic Coin Sport Art Tour in 35 cities throughout Canada and the U.S.A. until the opening of the games of the 21st. Olympiad in July, 1976.
Won first prize at the Annual Art Exhibition in Acapulco, Mexico in 1976.

1977: Participated in the international exhibition of contemporary medals (FIDEM) in Budapest, Hungary.
Held first one-man exhibition at the Lyford Cay Gallery in Nassau, Bahamas in 1977.

1978: Won first prize again at the annual art exhibition staged by the Friends of Acapulco in Acapulco Gro., Mexico.
In the same year took part in a group show at Eaton's Art Gallery in the new Eaton Centre in Toronto.

1979: Participated in the international exhibition of contemporary medals (FIDEM) in Lisbon, Portugal.
In the same year held one-man show at Gallery Phillip in Don Mills, Ontario.

1980: Held his first one-man exhibition in Mexico City at the Galeria Art de Coleccionistas.

1983: Was commissioned to sculpture a life-size statue of the late Avelino Gomez, famous jockey of North America.

1984: Carved from wood a life-size Jesus to be placed suspended from the ceiling of the newly restored Cathedral Church of St. James in Chicago, Illinois.

1986: Designed and modeled the trophy depicting the Saddledome of Calgary, Alberta for the Calgary Cup Games (Olympic preliminary games).

1987: Was commissioned to design the Marshall Macluhan Distinguished Teacher Award Medallion.

1989: Held a showing again at the Lyford Cay Gallery in Nassau, Bahamas under the distinguished patronage of the U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas.

1991: Was commissioned to create seven large Canada Geese for the Blue Waterbridge Authority in Sarnia, Ontario.

1994: Was commissioned to design the Fred Gardiner Award for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.
In the same year was awarded to design and produce the Marilyn Bell award sculpture. (First person to swim across Lake Ontario - 1954)

1998: Was commissioned by Soheil Mosun Ltd. of Toronto to enlarge 18 US coins to the size of 3' in diameter each for the US mint.

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