Mel Ramos, American (1935 - 2018)

Born: July 24, Sacramento, CA
The popularity of his works is evident in the fact that since 1959 he has participated in more than 120 group shows. He has enjoyed great success and critical acclaim as an adventuresome artist with the creativity and sense of humor it takes to remain on top. Mel Ramos received his first important recognition in the early 1960s. Ramos, along with other artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg and James Rosenquist, produced art works that celebrated aspects of popular culture as represented in mass media. His paintings were shown along with theirs in major exhibitions of Pop Art both in this country and in Europe and were reproduced, often with irony, in books, catalogs, and periodicals throughout the world.

Ramos was born in 1935 at Sacramento, California. Between 1954 and 1958 he studied at the Sacramento City College, the San José State College and the Sacramento State College, finishing with an M.A. From 1958 he taught at various institutions including Elk Grove High School, Mira Lama High School and California State College. In 1962-63 he began a series of garishly colored super-heroes taken from comic strips using a thick oleaginous pigment. In 1963 he was first included in a collective exhibition in Pop Goes the East at the Contemporary Art Museum, Houston.

In 1964 he had his first one-man exhibition at the Bianchini Gallery, New York. In 1965 he developed a specific kind of Pop Art iconography by combining nude pin-up girls from American magazines and advertisements with branded products. In 1966 he exhibited at the Galerie Ricke, Kassel. In 1967 he had a solo exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Art; In 1969 he was represented in the exhibition Human Concerns at the Whitney Museum, New York, and had a one-man exhibition at the Gegenverkehr, Aachen. He exhibited at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, in 1972, and was represented at the Pop Art exhibition at the Whitney Museum, New York, in 1974. In 1975 he had a retrospective at the Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, and in 1977 at the Oakland Museum, California. In 1978 he was included in the exhibition Art About Art, Whitney Museum, New York and at the Church Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno, and the Galeria Plura, Milan, Italy.

In 1980 The Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University presented Mel Ramos: A Twenty Year Survey. 1981 saw a solo show at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York City; in 1985 the Meisel Gallery mounted another, The Four Seasons, and he has been showing regularly with them since then: Beauty And The Beast in 1989, The Artist's Studio in 1991, Mel Ramos - The Heroines of 1962-64, and in 1993 Mel Ramos: The Unfinished Painting Series. Ramos has also been featured at the Hokin/Kaufman Gallery, Chicago (1986); Mel Ramos - Early Paintings was presented by Galerie Tanja Grunert, Cologne, West Germany in 1986, and Studio Trisorio, Naples, Italy featured his works in 1987. In 1994-95 Mel Ramos - Retrospective, a traveling exhibition in Germany and Austria, was shown at the Kunstverein Lingen, Lingen; the Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim; the Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Kiel; and then went to Vienna under title Mel Ramos: Pop Art Images," showing at the Hochscule fur Angewandte Kunst.

Some critical observers of the "art scene" persist in classifying Mel Ramos as a Pop Artist. His identification with the Pop movement of the 1960's was much too narrow to account for the braoder context of his paintings. His humor is not satire of ridicule. His "parodies"are respectful, affectionate tributes, a celebration of images with personal meanining.

Ramos lived and maintained a studio for many years in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, spending part of each year at his home in Spain.

Mel Ramos passed away on October 14th 2018 in Oakland, California of heart failure.



1954-55 Sacramento Junior College, CA

1955-56 San Jose State College, CA

1957 Sacramento State College, B.A.

1958 Sacramento State College, M.A.


1958-60 Elk Grove High School

1960-66 Mira Loma High School

1965-66 Sacramento State University

1966 Arizona State University, Tempe

1966 California State University, Hayward


Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

Franklin House Collection, San Francisco, CA

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY

Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN

Kunsthaus Darmstadt, Germany

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Neue Galerie Stadt Aachen, Germany

The Oakland Museum, CA

The Rose Art Museum, Bandeis University, Waltham, MA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

Seattle Art Museum, WA

The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY


1986 National Endowment for the Visual Artists Fellowship Grant

1986 United States/France Exchange Fellowship


1964 Bianchini Gallery, New York, NY

1965 Bianchini Gallery, New York, NY

1965 David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1966 Galerie Ricke, Kassel, West Germany

1967 Galerie Tobies-Silex, Cologne, West Germany

1967 San Francisco Museum of Art, CA

1968 David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1968 Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

1969 Gallery Reese Palley, San Francisco, CA

1969 David Stuart Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1969 Gegenverkehr, Aachen, West Germany

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1971 Galerie Richard Fonchke, Ghent, Belgium

1971 French & Company, New York, NY

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1971 Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Zurich, Switzerland

1972 Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, UT

1973 Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

1973 Madison Art Center, WI

1973 Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

1974 Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY

1974 David Stuart Gallery, New York, NY

1975 Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, West Germany

1976 David Stuart Gallery, New York, NY

1976 Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY

1977 The Oakland Museum, CA

1977 Morgan Gallery, Shawnee Mission, KS

1978 Church Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada, Reno, NV

1978 Galeria Plura, Milan, Italy

1979 Galeria Cadaques, Spain

1979 University Gallery, California State University, Chino, CA

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University, Waltham, MA, April 13 - May 16

1980 "Mel Ramos 'Upscapes'- A Salute to Morris Louis," Morgan Gallery,

Shawnee Mission, KS, June 20 - July 19

1980 Franz Wynans Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

1981 Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY

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1981 Modernism, San Francisco, CA

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1982 Route 66, Philadelphia, PA

1985 "The Four Seasons," Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY,

October 5-26

1986 Hokin/Kaufman Gallery, Chicago, IL, February

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West Germany, September

1986 "Paintings 1962-1968," Modernism, San Francisco, CA, November 4 -

December 13

1987 Studio Trisorio, Naples, Italy

1988 Kunsthandlung Brigitte Haasner, Wiesbaden, West Germany

1988 James Corcoran Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1989 "Beauty And The Beast," Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York, NY,

February 4-25

1989 "The Artist's Studio," Louis K. Meisel Gallery, November 4-25

1991 "Mel Ramos - The Heroines of 1962-64," Louis K. Meisel Gallery,

New York, NY, October 5-26

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Düsseldorf, Germany, January 24 - March 15

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Cologne, Germany, June 13 - July 31

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Gallery, New York, NY, October 30 - November 20

1994-95 "Mel Ramos - Retrospective," Germany and Austria

traveling exhibition: Kunstverein Lingen, Lingen, November 12 -

December 18, 1994; Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim, January 15 -

March 5, 1995; Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Kiel, April 6 - June 5, 1995;

To Vienna under title “Mel Ramos: Pop Art Images,” Hochscule für

Angewandte Kunst in Wien, July 21 - August 26, 1995

1997 “Mel Ramos - Oleos, Acuarelas, Dibujos,” Galeria Levy, Madrid,

Spain, April 11 - May 26

1997 “Mel Ramos - Chic Women,” Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, May 1 -

June 30

1999 “Mel Ramos: The Lost Paintings of 1965,” Louis K. Meisel Gallery,

New York, NY, March 6-27

1999 -00 “Mel Ramos,” Italy and Germany traveling exhibition: Galleria Civica

di Modena, Palazzina Dei Giardini Corso Canalgrande, Modena,

Italy, January 24–April 25; Kunsthaus Hannover, Hannover, Germany,

May 9-July 18; Museum Moderner Kunst, Passau, Germany, July 30-

Sept. 26; Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Wilhelmshaven, Germany,

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2000-01 "The Figure: Another Side of Modernism," The Newhouse Center

for Contemporary Art, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten

Island, NY, June 4 - January 15


Ramos' works are in the permanent collections of the The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY; the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada; ; the Indianapolis Museum of Art; the Kunsthaus Darmstadt, Germany; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL; the Neue Galerie Stadt Aachen, Germany; The Oakland Museum, CA; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Franklin House Collection in San Francisco, and the Seattle Art Museum, WA.

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