Lee Reynolds, American (1936 - )

Lee Reynolds

Born in Los Angeles, Lee Reynolds Burr has a BFA from the University of Southern California. He has served as Chairman, Board of Directors of East Park Gallery in Los Angeles.

He was the director for Vanguard Studios in Beverly Hills, California in the late sixties and many thousands of artworks bear the signature "Lee Reynolds" or "Lee Burr". Such artworks were done by others, and following is an attempt by the artist to clear up the confusion existing about these works:

I as an Artist have done no more than 200 "Original" Paintings and Sculptures in my life.

Lee Reynolds was simply a trade name. It was attached to numerous artworks and designs at Vanguard Studios. Vanguard Studios was the largest distributor of decorative art in the world at the time. I guided product development. I was personally responsible for many designs, prototypes, and compositions; however, no "LEE REYNOLDS" signed paintings were actually done by my hand.

In fact, paintings sold internationally, bearing the signature "LEE REYNOLDS" were in every case painted by Staff Artists in the employ of Vanguard Studios. Vanguard Studios sold ONLY decorative art, NOT collector art.

No paintings signed “Lee Burr” done at Vanguard Studio’s, ever touched my hand. Only edition Graphics and signed posters bear the signature “LEE BURR” and that signature is authentic.

Paintings signed “Lee Burr” and done at East Park Gallery only rarely touched my hand. Almost all were produced by my then assistant Rudolpho Carlos, and were responses to commissions from art dealers. They were done and offered in any number of sizes and colorations. They were interpretations deriving from an example work conceived and executed entirely by my hand.

A few of these examples and only a few actually done by my hand at East Park Gallery were ever released; simply because paint was splattered on them over time by my assistant as he produced derivative works. We called such works “series originals”. These artworks were then priced from about $1,000 to $2,000 US.

Important: To identify authorship, and eliminate confusion I now sign all my personal works- those done entirely by my hand- with my full name- Lee Reynolds Burr. I have recently added a thumb print to such original works. I hope this eliminates some of the confusion.


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