Manuel Servin, Mexican

Artist Manuel Servin was born in Mexico City, and started his artistic studies of drawing and painting since he was a child, at Manuel Bartolome Cossio elementary school, coursing the painting workshops offered by the school in various occasions during this period.
He then paints and draws as a hobby until he decides to course the degree in graphic design at the National Academy of Fine Arts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. After the second year of studies he changes his mayor to Graphic Arts at The University of the Americas where he finishes the credits to become a professional Graphic Artist. During this time he also takes additional art and design courses; like three years of acrylic painting at the studio of internationally renown British artist Toby Joysmith or "Etching as a plastic media for mass communication service". This courses helped Servin develop his own concepts and technique.
He has been producing art-works uninterruptedly since then and has participated in more than 50 shows, individually & collectivelly in Mexico and abroad. He has also shown his work at both the "Art Gardens", public squares grouping about 500 artists every weekend, (and known as one of the largest artist associations worldwide) since 1981, selling thousands of his works to collectors from all over the world.



1996. "Past, Present and Future of Mexican Painting" at El Especial Newspaper Gallery, Union City NJ.
1996. "Made in the USA" at Centro Cultural Orlando Martinez, NYC NY
1990. "Variations 1990" at Centro Cultural Jesus R. Heroles, Mexico City. Mex.
1989. "Fantastique Voyage" at Manuel Bartolome Cossio School, Mexico City, Mex.
1987. "Landscape and Still Life (Plastic Futurism)" at the Real Club EspaÒa. Mexico City, Mex.
1985. Untitled at Gonzalez Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
1985. "For All Acapulco" at Notary #9 Acapulco, Mex.
1985. "Horizons" at the Mexico City Musuem, Mex.
1985. "Launchings" at New Orleans Rest., Mexico City, Mex.
1984. "Adventure l984" at Manuel Bartolome Cossio School, Mexico City, Mex.


1993. Untitled at Tomo 17 Bookstore, Mexico City, Mex.
1992. Untitled at Polanco Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
1991. and
1992. "1st and 2nd Art Shows" at British American School, Mexico City, Mex.
1988. "Art Expo 88' at Crown Plaza Hotel, Mexico City, Mex.
1987. Auction Pro-Damnified of El Salvador at Carrillo Gil Museum, Mexico City, Mex.
1987. "Diaz-Servin" at Tlapalcalli Gallery, Art Garden, Mexico City, Mex.
1987. "At Two Times' at Manuel Bartolome Cossio School, Mexico City. Mex.
1987. XXXll Anniversary of The Art Garden, Casa Pedro Domecq Gallery. Mexico City, Mex.
1987. XXXll Anniversary of The Art Garden at The Mexican Society of Fine Arts (SOMART) Mexico City, Mex.
1986. V Ibero-American Biannual Art Expo at National Auditorium Galleries, Mexico City, Mex.
1985. Auction Pro-damnified from the 1985 earthquake. Mexico City. Mex.
1984. "Art in December", auction-show at private location, Lomas Hipodromo, Mexico City, Mex.
1983. Untitled at Tepozotlan Municipal Palace, Edo. de Mexico, Mex.
1983. 1st Painting and Graphics Exhibition at University of the Americas, Mexico City, Mex.
1975. Untitled at National Architecture School. UNAM. Mexico City. Mex.

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