Herve Telemaque, Haitian (1937 - )

Herve Telemaque, Haitian (1937 - )

Herve Telemaque was born in Port-au-Prince, November 5, 1937.

In 1957, he left Haiti for New York and enrolled at the Art Student's League where he studied with Julian Levi until 1960.
During his stay in the United States, it is simultaneously fed abstract expressionism reigning and surrealism as it was reinterpreted and operated by American artists, especially under the influence of Arshile Gorky. But it is in the precepts of Pop Art that will really find his own special way. Since 1959, painting, Siren, marks its originality.

Already he wants to be grounded in reality and escape the abstraction: even the title refers to her daily, referring to the horns of ships he heard from his chamber "Brooklyn Heights".

It comes in France in 1961 and settled in Paris. He attended to the Surrealists, without formally joining the group.

Telemachus hears compose his own visual vocabulary. In his paintings are found everyday objects: white canes, tennis shoes, tents. He participated in the adventure of "Narrative Figuration", that artists like Klasen Monory, Rancillac, Fahlström, the critic Gérald Gassiot-Talabot together in 1964 in an exhibition entitled "Mythologies daily."

After a long period where he practices exclusively collage and assemblage, Telemachus returned in the 80s to painting and drawing. In the table as in sculpture, it is surprising to make things or mundane objects, opening opportunities for multiple meanings to icons or bits of icons, originally unequivocal.

From the 90s, Telemaque continues his research through charcoal drawings and amazing reliefs where the jig-saw replaces pencil. Probably marked by the memory of Voodoo that reigned in his island, he practices his own magic mixing coffee grounds in the colors of pigments to give them a sensual heaviness.
In 2000, he resumed an activity he had not practiced for many years, book illustration with two series of etchings and lithographs for two books Serge Fauchereau.

Charcoal from exposure and coffee grounds - Bereavement: drawing, object, the Galerie Louis Carré in 1994 (catalog preface by Yves Michaud), Herve Telemaque exhibited in Paris in 1995 to the foundation Electricité de France, Works from nature (catalog preface by Philippe Curval).
After the double exposure Fiac'96 (stand gallery Louis Carré & Cie and stand Marwan Hoss gallery) follow three retrospective, first in Johannesburg Electrical Workshop in spring 1997 and in Valencia (Spain), IVAM in spring 1998 Tanlay at Art Center (Yonne) in summer 1999.
After several trips to Africa, Telemachus made a series of paintings titled African Sidewalks Acrylic presented in 2001 at the Galerie Louis Carré (catalog preface by Gérard Durozoi), while the Messina Thomas Le Guillou gallery shows lithographs, etchings and drawings.

In 2002, the Lyon IUFM an exhibition around the large table topical Fund No. I, an indirect homage to the satirical cartoonists Plantu and Pancho, with the figure of Jacques Chirac.

On the occasion of the publication of the monograph by Anne Tronche Flammarion, collection "Contemporary Creation", the Galerie Louis Carré presents on its stand at the FIAC 2003, an exhibition of a series of major works of the 60s entitled Paris 1961.

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