Igor Tulipanov, Russian (1939 - )

Igor Tulipanov was born in Leningrad Russia on January 12th 1939. His father was a master of gymnastics and was killed at the beginning of the second world war. He began his training at the Polytechnical Institute, where his artistic talent was soon realized, and he was thus transferred to the Nikolai Akimov Institute.He worked in the Theater of Comedy, Theater of Komisazdrevskaia, Theater of Musical Comedy and the Theater of Maykovski in Moscow. Tulipanov worked initially as a stage designer and gradually moved into painting. In 1980, he moved to New york, and shortly thereafter held his first major exhibition in San Francisco. He had a five year contract with the Eduard Nakhamkin Fine Art Gallery on Madison Ave. in New York City.

Tulipanov was influenced by Bosch and Van Eych and onsiders his work "Symbolic Naturalism" more than Surrealism. He has exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum (From Leningrad to St. Petersburg - 25 years of art, 2003) and the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art. Known for his dreamlike pieces, Tulipanov's beginnings ins stage design are still evident as an underlying theme in his work.

Igor Tulipanov entered the twenty first century with a large number and variety of paintings. He continues to paint today and is now well into his seventies. Tulipanov studied at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute and the Institute of Music and Cinema. At present, Igor lives in New Jersey with his wife Elena, who helps him in his work and creates a healthy atmosphere, which is essential for any artist.

Igor’s paintings has been exhibited in St. Petersburg, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Zhineve, Toronto, and Basel. Igor also has many private collectors and museums which house his works.

1962 - Hostel of Politecnical Institute, Russia
1963 - Cafe Rovestnic, Russia
1964 - Pylcovo Observatory, Russia
1977 - Nevsky Palace (Group Exhibition), Russia
1994 - Alex - Edmund Gallery, New York City - USA
1995-96 - United Nations, Geneva - Switzerland
1997 - Consulate General of the Russian Federation, New York City - USA
1998 - United Nations, New York City - USA
2001 - Artist on the Lawn, White House, Washington, DC - USA
2003 -04 - St. Petersburg 300th Anniversary, Chelsea Art Museum, New York City - USA

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