Jean-Jacques Vergnaud, French (1944 - )

Painter, writer, journalist
Vergnaud was born in 1944 in Paris.

"Playboy" from an early age he accompanied his father diplomat around the world.
During his time in Rome, he was a revelation in contact with Italian art: it will be a painter. His parents agree that it follows the course of painting and sculpture by J. Dandon-Met-de-Peninghen.

At 20, he will be one of the few French Realists. Today it belongs to what might be called "The new figuration". But no one is a prophet in his country: he exhibited especially in Japan, the United States, Germany and is registered in the catalog Trajan.

Meanwhile, he pursued a career as a journalist to support his family. This is the time of reporting abroad: in the Amazon, he followed a tribe of Indians with Paris-Match and a filmmaker, Jours de France sent a mission to Indonesia to crawl under fire ... South America and the rest of the world.
His many travels have taught him about life more than all his previous masters. Tirelessly, he tries to understand why the man does not change since the dawn of time, a viewer enormous human misery. Never his passion for painting never gives up and he managed to paint more than five hours a day.
At 42, he finally leaves the press to devote himself to his art.
In 1990, he took the pen abandoned a time to write to their account. Essays, novels and several plays.

Her latest play, Dreyfus and the cul-de Bernard bowl betrays the major topics that cross his pictorial work, the latter having no other subject of human dignity, the difficulty of living in a time where money is only redeemer, the difficulty of being when for some reason, it is not in the mold of society.
His play, fiction backdrop of historic fabric, is just an excuse to defend the right to diversity, respect and tolerance. It was a great success at the Avignon Festival in 2002 and continues to be played. It was published in 2005 by Editions du Phare.

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