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Dwight 'Juda' Ward is an artist who focuses on the renaissance style of painting. He is a great admire of the late El Greco, Carrivagio and Leonardo among other master painters. He truly has a different mind when it comes to painting. Born and raised in a small town called Wilson, NC, Dwight was challenged to become a better artist each day. Even as a child he would question the appearances of biblical people. “ As a child I would draw Jesus as a black man because I could relate to that image”.

Dwight continued to pursue his interest through adolescence; he was encouraged by relatives and friends to attend art school. “Dwight received his BFA while attending the School of Visual Arts.” Long researching and studying the African past gave Dwight more insight to paint his every thought on canvas. He would later adopt a Hebrew name “JUDA” which means he who is praised. “Because of my love and passion for African history, I paint subjects that are inspired by my heritage. As a black artist, I enjoy bringing a smile to the faces in the African community, and to anyone who may have an interest in that experience.” Dwight has sold many original paintings and has received enormous feedback on his work.

Dwight always approaches the canvas to paint for African people and to show biblical people through the African versions. This is evident in the piece title, “Hand of Betrayal”, depicting the last supper of Jesus and the apostles. It’s unlike any Last Supper painting ever depicted on canvas. This piece was also featured on the HBO series “The Wire”. “ My goal is to be the best that I can with the help of Yahweh. I spend a lot of my time polishing my skills. As it did throughout my youth, art continues to give me the freedom to express my feelings on canvas”. Dwight is truly a gifted painter and will continue to open the minds of people for a long time to come.

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