Andrew Warden, British (1949 - )

Andrew Warden, was born in Middlesex. Encouraged by his mother he developed a talent for drawing at an early age and he was drawing and painting while still at primary school.
After completing his education, he branched off on his own, to study art and illustration and he was soon supporting himself as an illustrator, creating works of art for magazines, record covers; and advertisements.

Striving to perfect his craftsmanship, he found after a few years, that he had many people clamoring to buy his work. He set up his studio in the countryside, where he is close to the subjects he likes to paint.

His detailed observation of cottages in the nearby villages, animal life on the farms and the streams and pastures around him have made him renowned throughout Europe.
He delights in the changing seasons that bathe his countryside in a myriad of different colorings. He observes his subjects at all times of the day to capture them in the soft light of dawn or the misty glow of evening.

In all his work there is an inner peace, which can be felt even by the most casual observer. Warden found that he achieved his own inner peace himself when he moved from the city to live in the country. He finds contentment every day in the simplicity of life in the country. He finds harmony in the fields he walks through, in the emptiness of country lanes, in the stillness beside the river, in the tranquility of the woods by his house.

This spirit can be felt when observing his work. The peace and quiet which passes all understanding is present in all he portrays.

Both his paintings and his prints are collected all over Europe and his popularity is beginning to be recognized in such far away places and America and Australia.

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