Ivel Weihmiller, Argentine (1954 - )

Ivel Weihmiller

Ivel Weihmiller was born in Argentina in 1954. Although she studied psychology from 1972 - 1974, she maintained a steady interest in art. Her first exhibits were in Argentina in 1973.

Ms. Weihmiller, together with the Argentinan artist Jorge Orta, founded the art gallery 'Il Duomo' in 1974 at the city of Rosario. In March 1975, Ms. Weihiller visited the United States and Canada for the first time. She moved to Washington DC in 1976, at which time she had her first show in this country.

Ms. Weihmiller has had individual and group shows in Argentina, Mexico and the Untied States, and has participated in the Wash Art '78 and the Art Expo '79.

One Woman Shows

1980 Galeria Palatina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1976 Galeria La Muestra, Argentina & Galeria Kass, Rosario, Argentina
1975 Galeria Cafe y Arte, Mexico City, Mexico
Galeria Cafe y Arte, Mazatlan, Mexico
Galeria Cafe y Arte, Monterrey, Mexico
Galeria Cafe y Arte, Guadalajara, Mexico
Galeria El Pabellon, Mexico City, Mexico

1975 Galeria Santa Rosa, Argentina

Galeria La Pampa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1974 Bariloche Center, Neuquen, Argentina

Galeria 'Il Duomo', Rosario Argentina

1973 Galeria Kass, Rosario, Argentina & Galeria Canal 10, Mar del Plata, Argentina

Group Shows

1979 Galeria Genesis, Rosario, Argentina

1978 Wash Art '78, Washington DC, USA

1976 Union Club, Washington DC, USA

1975 Museo Sivori, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1974 Salon de Poesia Illustrada, Mar del Plata, Argentina

1973 Centro Cultural Genreal San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Museo Municipal de Belles Artes "Juan B. Casatagnino", Rosario, Argentina

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