Julie Wolfthorn, German (1864 - 1944)


Julie Wolfthorn was as Julie Wolf (f) born to a middle-class Jewish family in Thorn. From 1890 she studied painting and graphic arts in Berlin, after a stay in Paris, she returned to Berlin, where she lived for decades in the Kurfürstenstraße 50 (the building no longer exists). 1898 Founding member of the Berlin Seccession. 1905 signed Julie Wolfthorn and over 200 artists a petition calling for approval of the "Prussian Royal Academy of Art," which was rejected by the academy director Anton von Werner. In 1906 she founded with Käthe Kollwitz exhibition community "connection Visual Artists", 1912 she is elected to the board with Käthe Kollwitz, and the jury of Seccession, 1914 "Club of the artists and art lovers in Berlin." In 1933 she will be excluded from the Board with Fanny Remak who emigrated to England. Julie Wolfthorn stays in Berlin and works with the forced by Nazis "Culture Association of German Jews" together, 1941, the Cultural Alliance is prohibited arrested employees and seized its assets.

On 28 October 1942 Julie Wolfthorn is at the age of 78 years along with her sister Luise Wolf (only led the artist to artist's name, the other siblings enrolled continues as Louise Wolff and Wolf) with the "68 Transport Age "were deported to Theresienstadt. There they drew as far as this was possible in the circumstances. On 26 December 1944, was murdered in a concentration camp.

Julie Wolfthorn was best known for her portrait paintings. She portrayed Ida Dehmel, Richard Dehmel, the family members of the writing and translating pair Hedwig Lachmann and Gustav Landauer, the family of the architect Hermann Muthesius, the opera singer Irmgard Scheffner, many actresses like Tilla Durieux or Carola Neher - and hundreds of other famous contemporaries, mainly Berlin society, particularly among many committed women.

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